dtac Think Hai D x IT CITY x CSC Invite Customers to Properly Dispose of E-Waste to Help Reduce Landfills and Protect the Ozone Layer

15 September 2022 – dtac joins forces with IT CITY and CSC – two of the largest IT store chains in Thailand. With the rising demand in IT devices, the smartphone and IT device distributors have set a target to reach 440 branches nationwide by the end of 2022. In 2021, the sales of smartphones and IT devices accounted for more than 97% of their total sales.

On World Ozone Day, dtac Think Hai D invites customers of IT CITY and CSC to properly dispose of their disused mobile devices and electronics at any of the #ThinkHaiD collection points at 25 branches of dtac service centers and 30 branches of IT CITY and CSC branches across Bangkok. The collection goal is 420,000 items of e-waste by the end of 2022. The collected e-waste will be properly recycled to avoid landfills, as landfill waste is responsible for methane emissions, which is 25 times worse in contributing to climate change than carbon dioxide emitted from activities like electricity generation, industrial operations, deforestation, and transport.

Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Communication Plc or dtac, said, “dtac set out 3 environmental targets: 1) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% within 2030; 2) Zero landfill by 2022; and 3) Raise the environmental management capacity of our suppliers. Under this target, 68% of our suppliers will set science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement Goals, by 2025.

We have recycled  over 3 million items of e-waste since 2014. And so far in 2022, dtac has recycled over 37,000 items, which equates to a reduction of 355,000 kilogram carbon equivalent.”

Pichai Neranartkomol, Vice Executive Chairman, IT CITY PCL, said, “IT CITY is proud to set up this responsible joint business and environmental initiative with dtac. As a major distributor of smartphones and IT devices in Thailand, aside from growth in smartphone and tablet sales, we still see a growing demand for IoT devices and accessories of 112% and 46%, respectively. However, at the end of their life-cycle, they become electronic waste. So, we would like to call all IT lovers to join us in helping to reduce the impact of global warming by properly disposing of disused mobile devices and IT equipment at any of the #ThinkHaiD collection points located at the 30 branches of IT CITY and CSC across Bangkok.”


Earn a chance to win a brand new 5G Smartphone while doing your part to protect the ozone layer with #ThinkHaiD

Customers of any mobile operator can properly dispose of their disused mobile devices and electronics with the #ThinkHaiD campaign.  By doing so, they will also earn a chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy A22 5G valued at 8,880 Baht and many other prizes. To be eligible for this lucky draw, please add us as a friend on the LINE app at https://lin.ee/sjODzRy or check out more information at https://www.dtac.co.th/sustainability/th/think-hai-d. from today until 30 November 2022.