Get creative at Samyan Mitrtown’s Triple Y Hotel

The recently opened Samyan Mitrtown operates 24/7 and brings a slightly different focus compared to most malls thanks to more shops and services focused on education, co-working, crafts and fitness. Connected to the MRT by a  tunnel that was mobbed by throngs of selfie-takers, Samyan Mitrtown was an instant hit with students and office workers in the nearby Chamchuri Square.

What most of the crowds have not yet experienced is Triple Y Hotel & Residence, a mixed-use project on Samyan Mitrtown’s 7th– 33rd floor, divided into a hotel (7th-11th floor) and residence (11th-33rd floor). Triple Y Hotel & Residence sticks to to the project’s ‘Urban Life Library’ tagline, and the aim of being a ‘forever learning space for every range of ages.’ In support of the changing ways of work at nearby companies such as dtac, these spaces could combine perfectly to host hackathons and workshops over several days. In ad, SAMYAN Mitrtown Hall can host even larger events.

In the hotel part,  rooms range from 17 square meters  for solo travelers to ‘Studio Suite’ which can house up to 6 people. And locals will be particularly interesting in the  co-working space.

As for the Triple Y Residence, it offers leasehold (long-term 30-year rental agreements paid upfront). With a location near two academic institution and the center for young people like Siam Square, the main target of Triple Y Residence is squarely aimed at students, their parents, and nearby office workers. The rooms fully furnished in a cool, minimal style perfect for urbanites. Units come with one or two bedrooms (34 or 68 square meters) and all residents can use the library, kitchen, 33rd-floor swimming pool and co-working space for free.

With creative work becoming increasingly important in the digital economy, Triple Y Hotel & Residence offers a refreshing mix of facilities for the surrounding community to generate ideas in a stimulating setting–a boon for dtac employees across the street.