‘TMBThanachart (ttb)’ Bolster Power Stability with Smart MDB Care & Solution from dtac and ASEFA

12 May 2021 – dtac and strategic partner ASEFA – manufacturer and distributor of electrical switchboards for corporate and industrial use – have jointly developed a solution for Smart Monitoring and Service Care for Electrical Switchboard (MDB Care) for the main distribution board (MDB) of  TMBThanachart Bank. The solution is designed to create power stability for the mission-critical backbone system, enabling TMBThanachart to offer high-performance financial services, satisfying the needs and expectations of customers in making worry-free transactions in the digital age.

The banking sector requires the most stable of power systems, as they are mission-critical in providing non-stop services 24/7. The system also requires continuous and real-time ability to monitor power use in every part of the building, especially the data processing which needs to perform financial transactions reliably without a single glitch.

Ms. Siriporn Lerdapirangsi, Head of Corporate Property and Services, TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited, said, “ttb gives great emphasis on the power system, the infrastructure upon which our core digital banking operates. It is the heart of driving our organization forward enabling sustainable development and growth to offer the best financial products, services, and experiences for our customers. This is why we seek technology and innovation to efficiently manage our system. ttb chose Smart Monitoring of our power distribution so that we can monitor our power use in real-time via the app on our smartphone and be alerted of any anomalies. A stable and reliable system is essential for operational safety, reducing occupational hazards and unnecessary costs. An unstable power system not only creates backdoor issues, but also impacts the database and transactions of our customers.”

The Smart MDB Care solution starts with ASEFA designing and installing sensors on the MDB to detect temperature, heat, humidity, smoke, motion, and power surge. When anomalies occur, technicians are instantly alerted so that a prompt response can prevent issues from occurring and incurring damages to the system and assets.

dtac’s cloud computing solution is used for data processing and is programmed to monitor and forecast power usage, as well as other parameters on the function of the MDB. The monitoring interface is designed to be user-friendly, meaning that even non-experts can understand the readouts, making the data more accessible and a key to businesses in the digital age.

The use of Internet of Things or IoT sensors on the MDB also contributes to the overall energy savings at ttb. The devices and equipment are connected and managed via IoT which supports the bank in improving energy efficiency.



Benefits for TMBThanachart for Implementing the Solution

The bank can easily monitor power usage on a mobile device via MDB Care app, which is available in both iOS and Androids, which allows real-time power monitoring 24/7. The app can specify which sector uses how much power, helping the bank to manage power more efficiently. The solution also helps prevent incidents by monitoring temperature, heat, humidity, and motion detection on the MDB which power the whole bank. Any equipment or components which show sign of error or malfunction would be instantly alerted to the user, helping to prevent possible damages to the database and other bank assets. The system also reduces the risks of human error in monitoring power usage, reduces human resources costs, and at the same time improves safety for the bank.

Mr. Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “The core mission of dtac Business is to support Thai businesses in adopting technology in their digital transformation. We have combined our expertise in IoT technology to increase the efficiency of power system monitoring with the Smart MDB Care solution. It features dtac clouding computing technology in processing data, helping to forecast power usage as well as other parameters, and packaged in a user-friendly interface, making it more accessible – the heart of doing business in the digital era.”


“dtac also values efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and supports organizations to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as increase their capacities to do so. This is currently a major trend in good corporate governance. The practice helps enlarge our customer base for environmentally-friendly products and services, which reflect well on the business,” he added.

Mr. Wichai Soonthornvuttikul, Executive Committee / Senior Department Manager, ASEFA PCL, said, “The MDB Care app can monitor power usage in real-time, alert users of any anomalies in the MDB, and support maintenance of the power system. The solution is key to reducing system errors and help TMBThanachart manage power efficiently, smoothly, and reliably to deliver services to customers satisfactorily.”