Check out these dtac employees sharing how teaching their moms a few digital skills brought them newfound joy

dtac employees share how teaching their moms a few digital skills brought them newfound joy.

With restrictions on regional travel and the risk of spreading Covid-19, mobile connectivity is fast becoming the only way to reach loved ones. This Mother’s Day, families that would have once gathered for the special occasion may once again have to rely on a video call.

However, younger generations aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a world of digital services beyond just making calls. dtacblog spoke to dtac employees who recently taught their senior moms new tricks to get more out of their smartphones.

While it is critical to Thailand’s recovery and business operations, connectivity also enables people of all ages to access essential services like banking and online learning and empower them to live the life they truly want. And with dtac’s fast-growing 4G/5G network, it’s never been easier for our parents to get a reliable connection—no matter where they live.

Pen Junmanee lives with her mother-in-law who adores music from her youth. The family bought her a smartphone and introduced her to Youtube.

“My mother-in-law just turned 80 years old this year. She has been using an old phone with buttons, so we gave her a smartphone to try, but she gave it back after a day saying it was too complicated. She is a big fan of singers from the old day, though. With CDs becoming rarer in the market, I then introduced to her the Youtube application. It completely changed her mind! We also added LINE and some government apps. She now spends her free time listening to her favorite songs on Youtube, reading news on the LINE feeds, and is more lively as she gets to reconnect with her old friends and family members who live far away. She even installed the dtac app by herself to redeem discounts for ice cream on dtac reward.”

With the third wave of Covid-19 at its peak, Natkrita Sonserm taught her mother to conduct banking transactions online, minimizing the need for visits to the bank. Thanks to this, her mother can stay safe and connected to critical services.

“My mother used to go to the bank every month. But with the pandemic hitting a record high, she started learning how to use smartphone for online banking and instant messaging. Now she conducts most of her transactions online. This keeps her safe, connected, and informed about what’s going on. These days she rises early to send greeting messages to her friends on LINE and Facebook. It makes her life easier, safer and more enjoyable.”

Like many of those who work in Bangkok, Phakin Prasertcharoenarcha can’t go back home in the provinces during the lockdown. But he still ensures his mother can safely access critical services.

“With Covid-19 and lockdowns, I can’t go back home in the provinces. My mother wanted to use the Pao Tang app to register for the government’s 50-50 co-payment scheme. We spent two hours on the phone walking her through the process step by step. There were several failed attempts on the registration, and we had to delete and reinstall the app. It turned out my mom forgot to take off her glasses for the face scan. In the end we successfully registered for the service, and she was super happy using her digital wallet. We had a good time, and I think my mom is awesome.”


By teaching her a few digital skills, Pakanan Pantaweepurnk helps her mother rediscover her love for cooking and share her joy to everyone in the family. 

“I live and work far away from home, so I taught my mom to use video calls to keep in touch every day. After some practice she became familiar with the app. She also enjoys cooking and listening to Buddhist sermons. I then introduced her to the voice search feature on Google as she’s not very good at typing. With Youtube, she can now search for new food and bakery recipes. And we got to try so many dishes she made!”


Patcharin Sawang’s mother is a well-rounded smartphone user. As a village health volunteer, she uses smartphones to stay connected with friends and family, keep up with important news, and grow her network online.



“My mother is eager to learn new things and try out new applications. We bought her a smartphone with a data plan and taught her to use it. When she started becoming familiar with it, she began to observe others and learn by doing. Digital technology is never a challenge for her. And as a village health volunteer, she needs to coordinate with her fellow volunteers, community leaders, and health authorities, to communicate official information and organize activities with people in her village. Smartphones really make us closer and more connected.”

dtac, in collaboration with the biggest senior community platform in Thailand, Young Happy, recently introduced the Young Happy official LINE account to engage and educate Thailand’s senior citizens. dtac also organizes a LIVE broadcast every month on the Young Happy platform on topics related to smartphones and digital technology. Tell your seniors to check it out here #younghappy #dtaclovesmom