dtac Wants to be the “First Friend in Thailand” for Migrant Workers

29 May 2023 – dtac today launches the “First Friend in Thailand” campaign to support all Burmese and Cambodian people away from home offering novel digital experiences with unlimited social media usage and best value call home packages ever. Adding even better value is the ability to borrow call time and pay it back later when you top up, and dtac Reward Coins program is an easy way to get free internet and call time, plus discounts on tons of brand-name food and beverages around the country. Best of all, dtac app and call center speak your languages: Burmese and Cambodian as we aim to maintain the number 1 mobile carrier for Burmese and Cambodian people residing in Thailand.

76% of migrant workers use dtac

Since August 2011, dtac pioneered marketing services for Burmese and Cambodians residing in Thailand, and hence by April 2023, we control a 76% market share among migrant workers in Thailand. Over the years we have leveraged consumer behavior and insight to develop marketing strategies that better answer the needs of migrant workers than ever. Moving forward, the True and dtac amalgamation is aiming to become a Growth Champion Beyond the Core of mobile communications and drive for Digital Inclusion. We aim to level up seamless user experience and quality of life for all Burmese and Cambodian migrant workers working in Thailand.

Burmese and Cambodian Workers’ Lifestyles in Thailand

According to the Department of Employment, there are more than 2 million migrant workers legally registered in Thailand as of April 2023. Our frequent survey of Burmese and Cambodian customers in Thailand since 2019 reveals that:

  • Migrant workers send home 40-50% of their earnings in Thailand. According to True Money Transfer figures from January – April 2023, Burmese subscribers send home an average of 18,000 Baht a month while Cambodian subscribers send home an average of 12,000 Baht a month.
  • 80% of smartphones used by migrant workers retail for 4,000-6,000 Baht and are a unified source of entertainment and updates on Myanmar and Cambodia.
  • In 2022, dtac migrant subscribers used 39% more data but 19% fewer voice calls compared to 2021.
  • 3 Categories of growing data usage compared to the previous year:
    1. Social media grew from 64% to 86% of users. The top apps are Facebook, YouTube, FB Messenger, Instagram, and TikTok.
    2. Live streaming grew from 58% to 87% of users.
    3. Gaming grew from 39% to 63% of users.
  • An increasing number of migrant workers are watching TV series – mainly the Burmese series but the Thai series are not far behind as many Burmese now know the Thai language. Apart from Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok apps for socializing and entertainment, they also use WhatsApp and Line to communicate with Thai employers.


Friends Support One Another Throughout Your Stay in Thailand

dtac wishes to be your first friend in Thailand from your first day and support you every day you are in Thailand.

1. Burmese and Cambodian SIM at Best Value

  • Unlimited usage on 7 social media apps: Messenger/ Facebook/ TikTok/ Viber/ WhatsApp/ LINE/ Instagram
  • Unlimited usage on 4 games: Free Fire/ ROV/ PUBG/ Mobile Legends
  • 1 Baht per Hour Call to any dtac number from 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Call your 1 special person with a dtac subscription for just 1 Baht an hour 24/7.

2. 5+5+5 IDD Call Promotion to Myanmar and Cambodia

For every 5 minutes of call to Myanmar or Cambodia, you get 5 minutes for free plus another 5 minutes to any mobile number on any carrier in Thailand.

3. Jai D Hai Yeum – if your prepaid call time runs out, you can just borrow some more from dtac 24/7 with any outstanding bill automatically adjusted the next time you top up.

4. dtac app – supports Burmese and Cambodian languages making it much easier to use – from checking balance, buying top up and promotion, or using Jai D services

5. Use dtac Reward Coins to redeem tons of special privileges including food & drinks, discounts, or free internet and calls.

Statistics on migrant workers are sourced from the document titled KorKorJor 12/2566 SorBorTor by the Foreign Workers Administration Office, Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour. https://www.doe.go.th/alien