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zero touch

dtac Collaborates with the Global Partner Google, offering the Android Enterprise zero-Touch Solution to Help Businesses Strive Next Year

December 6, 2019 – dtac partners with Google, a multinational partner, to offer the Android Enterprise zero-touch enrolment solution to businesses. One of the leading organizations in Thailand that has already implemented this solution is the Central Department Store Co. Ltd. It allows the company to automate the installation of their management software, company applications and settings without requiring IT resources to assist the user. The company can instead focus on their business goals and can quickly adapt to any changes in the market.  Most of the smartphones utilized by companies in Thailand run on Android. However, many of them have difficulties in setting up the platform for the first time and installing applications on the smartphones so that they can carry out their work or provide services to customers. These organizations require human resources, time, and effort when deploying their Android devices as well as keeping them up to date with technology and ensuring software versions are always the latest. Since current business trends are moving towards digital transformation, e-commerce and online shopping on both websites and social media play a big part of the trends. It also emphasizes the importance of Big Data, an essential tool designed to…