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Sam Nuek Rak Ban Kerd Farmer Awards 2019 promotes new generation of farmers with nutrition and health consciousness and sustainable agriculture

19 Nov 2019 – dtac in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Extension and Ruam Duay Chuay Kan Sam Nuek Rak Ban Kerd foundation have organized the Young Rak Ban Kerd Farmer Awards 2019 in an effort to promote “consumer driven agriculture” concept, in a bid to create sustainable farming amidst global challenges, including food security and food safety. This year, Rak Ban Kerd Farmer Awards have been running through its 11th anniversary under the theme of “A new generation of farmers caring consumers”, aimed at encouraging Thai farmers to be more consumer-oriented by delivering safety produces and more environmentally conscious. The increasingly rapid pace of life today fueled by urbanization causes consumer concerned with food quality. They are increasingly skeptical on the safety of conventional foods and the soundness of industrial agriculture. At the same time, Non-governmental organizations are calling for the better farming practices to reducing environmental risks. The move has forced farmers to improve their farming practices by upholding the four-pillar values – health, ecology, fairness and care – applying across the value chains, of which farming, harvesting, processing, product and farming development. Samran Saraban, deputy permanent secretary of Agriculture and Cooperative Ministry, said food safety is one of the global…