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platinum blue

dtac never stops rewarding, introduces ‘Platinum Blue’ to uplift customer experience with ultimate privileges

Free car wash service will be introduced and offered to those premium segment Happy Friday has been introduced, offering special privileges every Friday throughout 2020 Customers are enabled to simpler browse and redeem privileges via dtac app 17 Jan 2020 – Providing extraordinary experiences to all 20.4 million of dtac pre-paid and post-paid customers, dtac never stops rewarding customers by revitalizing its customer relationship management program, dtac Reward, that match its customer lifestyles with extended ranges of ultimate privileges and optimal benefits. Platinum Blue is a newly introduced premium segment to delight our most loyal customers offering ultimate privileges – free car wash service that comes with parking lots at Thailand’s leading shopping centers nationwide. Along with device & accessories discount upto 20% respectively and enjoy 24-hour service Personal Assistant, free monthly beverage from well-known brands and roadside assistance at *1806. In addition, to refreshing our highest tier reward status, we are introducing a brand new program for our 20.4 Million dtac customers under the name Happy Fridays. With this scheme all dtac customers can enjoy special privileges every Friday throughout the year 2020. The first series of Happy Fridays special surprise will be on January 24th, 2020. How Lih…