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11 Telecom Operators Ink Deal With TOT on Underground Cables

Jan 15, 2020 – Eleven telecom operators member of Thailand’s Telecommunications Association under Royal Patronage have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on an underground cable rental agreement operated by TOT, the state telecom enterprise, to accelerate the government’s Smart City project. The 11 members are ALT Telecom Plc, Advanced Wireless Network Co., Ltd., Cable Connect Co., Ltd., dtac TriNet Co., Ltd., Interlink Telecom Plc, Symphony Communication Plc, TCC Technology Co., Ltd., Triple T Broadband PCL., True Internet Corporation Co., Ltd., True Move H Universal Communication Co., Ltd. and United Information Highway Co., Ltd. The MoU will enable the parties to collaborate for the commercial use of shared infrastructure operated by TOT nationwide. TOT has set rental fees from 9,650 baht per subduct per kilometer per month, in line with market benchmarks from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. (One subduct is equivalent to three to four microducts.) The operators are likely to secure a volume discount based on existing and new contracts as well as contract length. The public will benefit from the lower charges, improving all Thais’ access to connectivity services. The move is aimed at reducing visual pollution, avoiding duplicate investments and encouraging fair competition. The replacement…