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Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection partners with dtac to Provide Digital Upskilling and Livelihood Opportunities for Rehabilitating Youths

November 24, 2022 – The Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection (DJOP) and dtac signed a memorandum of understanding on developing digital skills for future career opportunities and skills to safeguard against online risks for youths under Thailand’s criminal justice system. The youths will be able to learn digital skills and develop a positive attitude towards digital technology via an e-Learning platform and on-site workshops. In addition, dtac Net for Living, together with Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI), have launched “dtac Net for Living course” on an online platform. Youths who are trained in this course will obtain an educational equivalency certificate to continue their studies further and pursue career opportunities. Rehabilitation to Social Reintegration According to the DJOP, in fiscal year 2022, there were 12,202 cases involving Gen Z children and youths, with approximately 3,000 being rehabilitated in juvenile detention centers and training centers nationwide.  Pol. Lt. Col. Wannapong Kotcharag, Director-General of the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection (DJOP), said, "The DJOP provides rehabilitation in both physical and psychological aspects, as well as offering education and upskilling sessions conducted by teachers and experts. These skills and education can be applied in real life when they return to society.”…