Srichand Partners with dtac SME to Become the Driving Force in Communication Solutions, Improving Cost Efficiency and Increasing Customer Satisfaction

November 7, 2019 – Srichand, a Thai beauty brand that has been in business for over seven decades, collaborates with dtac as a partner in communication solutions, expecting the partnership to be the driving force behind the lean organization by improving cost efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. Srichand has been recognized for its success. The company started as a family business, selling beauty products in small, upcountry shops. Over the years, Srichand has been successful in increasing the product sales and expanding their distribution channels, making the brand become one of the leading counter-brands at prominent department stores. Last year alone the company made over 300 million baht from product sales. One of the reasons behind this success is that Srichand believes in collaborating with partners from various industries. The expertise from the partners provide what Srichand needs to make the business thrive.

Goal and Strategy of Srichand

Rawit Hanutsaha, Chief Executive Officer of Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd. and the third generation of the business, said that the success didn’t come from rebranding the logo and packaging, making it more modern; their strategy was different from others when they decided to rebrand a few years ago. The key factor that has made Srichand become a growing business because the company rests with the fact that the company focuses on marketing strategies and turning the organization into a marketing-based company, which includes keeping track of everything, analyzing everything, and adjusting their communication plans every day. That is how Srichand is known for not only their products but also fascinating marketing campaigns that are able to communicate with a new target audience.

Focusing on Business Partnerships

Instead of hiring a large number of employees, Srichand focuses on working with its business partners. Working with a partner in logistics is one of the examples. Even though the company could have its own logistics department, the operation would be costly and require a large amount of human resources. Moreover, the company is not an expert in this field. Therefore, working with a logistics partner is an efficient solution that allows the staff to spend more time in gearing the company towards its goal. Currently, Srichand works with a wide range of partners, including foreign suppliers, banks, mobile network providers, retail stores, and other brands. The most important requirement for this business model is good communication, both internal and external. Collaborating with partners has become a global trend that aligns with new businesses that are experts in their fields. This business model is a success formula for medium-sized companies and large enterprises in the future.

A Solution to Efficiency

In the future, there will be more companies growing regardless of how large their offices or their teams are. Success will depend more on the business idea and how much impact it could make. Srichand is beyond being SMEs; the company believes in the power of lean organization, working as a professional, small team that can improve cost efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. This business model requires excellent partners in various fields that lead to flexible work processes. Hence, the communication partner for Srichand is dtac SME. The collaboration offers an efficient way of communication by providing Cloud to connect with the system and record phone usage history. According to the CEO, being in the office at the same time as his team is a rare occasion. But meetings are made possible because the system supports group calls. Also, customers can call the landlines and the calls will automatically redirect to the staff’s mobile phones.

This system allows Srichand to manage everything related to voice calls, such as auto-responder, call transferring, incoming calls, and outgoing calls. The system has the same standard as the former multiline telephone system, or PBX, but with lower costs. The staff can pick up the calls any time, even if they are not in the office. The cost of this system is much lower than PBX in terms of setting up the system and hiring the maintenance team. For this system, the maintenance will be covered by dtac.

With this new office telephone system, the team at Srichand can plan on their calling system and be connected professionally without any obstacles because everything can be done via their mobile phones. The system was designed to fit with the current working trend.

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