Smart Energy Management: dtac’s IoT solution for uninterrupted power

dtac has partnered with Asefa to jointly develop Smart Monitoring and Service Care for Main Distribution Boards (MDB). The cooperation between ASEFA and dtac makes power monitoring more accessible, ensuring uninterrupted power for its users.

“You’ve experienced blackouts before. Without power, the temperature quickly rises in homes and offices, computers go dark—you might even get trapped in a lift. When blackouts strike the industrial sector, imagine how much damage they cause. Such scenarios underline the importance of power distribution. It affects all activities in our lives. Power distribution systems must therefore be efficient, safe and stable,” said Phaiboon Angkanakornkul, Managing Director of Asefa Plc.

The newly developed solution with dtac features real-time monitoring with simple-to-understand readouts to monitor temperature and humidity. Moreover, the solution can also forecast power demand, display real-time power consumption monitoring and also increase power efficiency.

Power: The Key for Digital Transformation

Asefa makes main distribution electric switch boards, automatic control system, power management systems, along with after-sales and related engineering services. These are used in industrial plants and medium to large buildings with high power demand needs. The Main Distribution Boards (MDBs) take power from the transformers and channel them to smaller boards. Just like how a heart pumps blood to various parts of a body, MDBs sends power to each part of a plant.

Mr. Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PCL or dtac, said, “The power system is the backbone of a business in the digital era. Power system security is not limited to demand and supply, but also its management. It is a vital link in the business supply chain. dtac Business offers a multitude of IoT solutions for efficient corporate resources management, to support smart management in all dimensions of any business and to lower operating costs.”

Boosting Efficiency, Stability, Safety with Smart Monitoring for Electric Switchboard

As businesses have been transforming themselves for the Data Age, the efficiency, stability, and safety of power management systems have acquired even greater importance. An enterprise with digital services really cannot do without power, not even for a split second. Data centers, telecom operators, hospitals and banks must ensure they have enjoyed uninterrupted power supply.

The dtac-Asefa IoT solution, Smart Monitoring and Service Care For Electric Switchboard, has three main components.

  • Sensors developed to measure temperature, moisture, smoke and movement. It can even detect a surge, allowing technicians to find timely solutions.
  • A computing system that integrates Cloud Computing technology to store and process power-usage data. Statistics related to MDB are analyzed to predict power demand.
  • An user-friendly interface. Service users do not need a specialist to read and understand the indicators.

“With this solution, barriers to data are being removed. And we are pioneering the future of smart cities, with highly precise metering for all utilities, more reliability, more resilience and lower costs,” Mr. Bawa added.