Seekster seeks growth by bringing technology to speed up its business by partnering with dtac SME

Special content by Brand Buffet

Seekster, Thailand’s leading cleaning and maintenance platform startup for properties, is putting focus on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) group in order to seek business growth by using WorryFree package, provided by dtac.

Additionally, it has broadened its services to internal management for SMEs called “Workforce”, bringing end-to-end solutions to SMEs beyond cleaning and maintenance services.

Chatchanart Charanwattanakij, Chief Marketing Officer at Seekster, said technology is the foundation and key factor for startup success and secured growth as it helps solve problems easily, accurately and timely. It speeds up business growth with a faster pace.

dtac SME as a technology partner for SMEs, it offers a range of business solutions to lower costs involved with communications. WorryFree package is specifically designed for SMEs, based on their insights, resulting in lower communication expenditure. Seekster plans to further subscribe this package for top-tier maids to attract and maintain them in this platform.

Presently, Seekster has been running its operation for almost four years, having more than 10,000 maids and air-conditioning technicians from more than ten companies available. There were around 150,000 customers using Seekster, of which 60% from retail customers and the rest 40% from SMEs. They contribute approximately 60-70% of total revenue, considering a major source of revenue.

Thailand has ten of thousands SMEs registered with the authorities, but there are only 1,400 firms using services provided by Seekster. In addition, cleaning and maintenance model of companies has changed significantly, shifting from permanent staff to freelance based due to lower expenditure and value for money.

Seekster will further focus to SMEs customer group as it uses services with certainty, considering as a major source of company revenue. It will highlight its strength of quality and value for money as a selling point, offering a wide range of packages that fit customer needs.

Mr.Chatchanart said SMEs group will be its key target with a huge room to grow. Its management team is transferring to the second generation who understands and keen on bringing technology to optimize their businesses. As a rapid growth of Seekster, it also plans to be listed in the Stock Market Exchange within eight years.