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6th Sep 2019 – dtac has set up emergency battery-charging stations for flood affected people in these following areas in Northeastern regions of Thailand : Hua Taphan district, Amnat Charoen province, Khueang Nai district, Ubon Ratchathani province, Chiang Khwan district, Roi Et Province. Dtac has been providing free battery-charging stations indefinitely for the affected people whose home electricity have been cut out due to the tremendous flood. We have set up the temporary safety tent and sent out the rescue team to provide necessary help in this following manners.

  • Providing foods and clean water
  • Providing free emergency phone call
  • Providing emergency top-up

Dtac has also swiftly  sent out the network maintenance unit to the flood affected area to monitor and fix the network site. This is to ensure the network’s ability and efficiency toward this situation.


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