Popular podcast R U OK builds digital resilience in Thai youth with dtac Safe Internet

Bangkok, July 21, 2020 – dtac Safe Internet is supporting eight episodes of popular podcast R U OK to build digital resilience among youth and their parents. Aired by The Standard, Thailand’s leading web-only news media, the show is hosted by a psychologist specialized in empathic communication, Dujdao Vadhanapakorn. The eight episodes will air every Tuesday from July 21 to September 8, 2020.

The special episodes sponsored by dtac Safe Internet explore the challenges children face online, from hate speech, fake news, to sexual abuse. The goal is to forge digital resilience and bridge the gap between children and their parents. dtac Safe Internet also provided expertise from its Safe Internet team, who feature in episode seven, “Idea crowdsourcing, a new way to stop cyberbullying.”

R U OK has gained a strong following for its frank discussions on mental health, family, relationships and sexuality. Its host, Ms. Vadhanapakorn, is an author and dance therapist who turned to podcasting to encourage the public to better understand their own behaviors and those of others.

On-uma Vattanasuk Rerkpattanapipat, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Total Access Communications PLC or dtac, said: “dtac Safe Internet campaign, now in its seventh year, continues its mission to spread awareness on online risks among the youth, their parents, and teachers. In research commissioned by dtac, we see an average of 39 abusive messages are posted on social media per minute in Thailand. This really emphasizes the importance of digital resilience as a key skill to cope with cyber threats. In our new podcast series with the Standard, we worked with psychology experts and our Safe Internet leaders to offer guidelines for parents and children to stay safer online and benefit from connectivity. We also try to promote positive communication between family members in order to navigate cyber risks.”

The eight episodes will be posted here.

  1. Understanding cyberbullying in a Thai context
  2. The role of bystanders in cyberbullying
  3. What parents should know about Yaoi novels
  4. How to spot and fight fake news
  5. Homophobia and respect for gender diversity
  6. What to do when your parents think you’re a smartphone addict
  7. Idea crowdsourcing, a new way to stop cyberbullying
  8. Online sexual abuse

The series marks the second podcast collaboration between dtac and the Standard. In 2019, the company support Super Productive, which provided career and life coaching by author and entrepreneur Rawit Hanutsaha.