COVID-19 Cases Seeking Hospital Admission or Advice on Home Isolation Advised to Call the NHSO Hotline Only On #1330

  • dtac OneCall Supports The Emergency Hotline as Hundreds More Call Agents Can Receive Calls from Anywhere, at Any Time


30 July 2021 – At present, many emergency hotlines cannot be reached by the public due to an overwhelming number of calls about COVID-19. Hence, dtac has provided the National Health Security Office (NHSO) Hotline with a dtac OneCall Mobile PBX that expands the available lines for the #1330 hotline and efficiently speeds up connection times. The #1330 hotline is now recommended for anyone who recently tested COVID-19 positive, requires hospital admission or seeks advice on home isolation.

The dtac OneCall solution allows 200 mobile phone numbers to receive the public’s calls to the emergency number’s landline, instantly upgrading the call center’s efficiency. These mobile phones are assigned to health officials in the Bangkok area to support so that, together, they can assist the public 24/7 from anywhere, starting 30 July 2021. Most of these calls are from persons seeking hospital admission and ambulance services for COVID-19 cases.

The new #1330 National Health Security Office Hotline by dtac OneCall provides numerous benefits:

  • dtac OneCall serves as mobile PBX by expanding the available lines to mobile phones, enabling more personnel to serve as call center agents, improving hotline access and efficiency. (A PBX, which stands for Private Branch exchange, is a business telephone system.)
  • All health officials with mobile phones can answer calls from the public seeking assistance from anywhere. These officials can also call within their own group for free just like a landline internal call. The group administrator has full control over settings and usage data.
  • Clear and crisp sound quality with native-dialer, improving communication with the public.
  • The system is customized to the specific usages of the NHSO to improve the call management capacity for the #1330 hotline.
  • Quick solution deployment and quick turnaround to scale any call center during an emergency.