NeuroGenius Helps Individuals and Corporations Harness the Insights of Neuroscience for Personal Growth and Satisfaction

  • NeuroGenius uses dtac OneCall solution to provide superior service to prospective customers


11 August 2022 – The most complex organ in the human body, the brain has been the subject of countless studies that have helped us understand why we are the way we are, and what makes people from each other.

Thailand-based organization NeuroGenius harnesses the insights of neuroscience to analyze systems thinking, or how we think through our decisions. The company offers assessments, corporate trainings, and courses on systems thinking development with a view to support capacity-building for corporations and individuals.

In fact, with dtac OneCall, a modern-day solution to handle customer calls professionally, NeuroGenius comes into daily contact with dozens of organizations and individuals who are eager to discover how these assessments and trainings can help them.

Mr. Sira Noitippaya, CEO of NeuroGenius and an expert on brain function and systems thinking development, says, “Each day, a person makes 30,000 decisions – both consciously and unconsciously. Even the simplest action, such as picking up a pen, is considered a decision as the brain has analyzed and decided on an action to address a need.”

While that may seem like an inconsequential decision, systems thinking development can help examine how we make bigger and more complex decisions. This can have a profound impact on how we lead our lives, our careers and our organizations.

In order to achieve work satisfaction – an increasingly important buzzword in the corporate world today – the first step is to understand yourself. Some people may be inclined to do well in math and logic, for example, while others in arts, and others still in sports.

But how do we discover what we are good at? How do parents know what skills their children may have a natural aptitude for, with one-size-fits-all education systems? It is essential that a child’s strengths and weaknesses can be identified, before they are developed and strengthened, and weaknesses are eliminated.

The same is true in a corporate workforce. An organization that can match employees with roles that use their natural aptitude, and can provide related opportunities for advancement, has the advantages of a satisfied workforce. When people feel suited to their jobs and can see a future in their careers, they stay with their companies, lead better lives, and can live more authentically.

So, the big question is “How much do you know yourself?”

Learning brain function to understand oneself

NeuroGenius was founded with a focus on neuroscience: the study of how the brain and the nervous system function and enable learning, thinking, analysis, and decision making.

Sira says, “NeuroGenius applies neuroscience by identifying three key regions of the brain responsible for different functions: rational, emotional, and instinctual. These different functions lead to six different types of persons and 30 sub-types. We have studied them comprehensively and are keen to share them with you through our GeniusX line of products.”

GeniusX:  Understanding people, Understanding corporations

GeniusX is offered to two core customer groups: organizations and individuals. For organizations, the focus is on analyzing corporate employees: finding out what kind of work each employee is suited to so that they can be placed in the right role. For individual clients, NeuroGenius collaborates with dtac business to offer illuminating and quick self-tests online at htttps://

NeuroGenius also offers workshops for all age groups, ranging from children to working adults, including corporate leaders. These workshops are designed to help clients understand more about themselves so that can lead a more aligned life and work more efficiently.

dtac OneCall empowers professional customer communication management

Sira says, “Neuroscience is something new for Thai people and when inquiries come in, we often need to explain at length. When there are more calls than we can handle, we start to lose track of what each caller wants and how to manage them.”

Sira explains that failing to adequately and promptly communicate with prospective customers has led to lost potential business.  The company had been using a landline PABX which was both expensive and complicated.

“So we searched for a better solution that would help us manage calls,” he says. “Thankfully, dtac business recommended the dtac OneCall solution.

With dtac OneCall, NeuroGenius customers need only call one number – 02-096-5599 – where calls are handled automatically with a simple transfer. The transferred calls are directed to designated team members who can respond to inquiries promptly, enhancing the customer call experience.


Furthermore, dtac OneCall features call recording, which allows businesses to assess their quality of service and provide appropriate feedback and training to employees who answered the calls. Features like these enable NeuroGenius to serve their customers better, improve the customer experience and bring in more business to the organization.

The best part? These features are available for just a few hundred Baht per month, unlike other landline-based systems which carry five- to six-digit pricetags.

Sira concludes, “Understanding yourself is an important key to winning and reducing conflicts. It’s the first step to success at all levels – as an individual, corporation, society, and country.” And with efficient customer call handling through dtac OneCall, NeuroGenius hopes to bring this understanding to as many people and organizations as possible.

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