Ministries of Transport, Public Health, NBTC together with AIS, True, dtac and NT Jointly Announces Readiness to Serve the Public at the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Central Station

2 June 2021 – Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Health, NBTC, together with AIS, True, dtac, and NT jointly announces readiness to serve the public for the first day of vaccination at the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Central Station.

The Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Health, NBTC, and the 4 mobile operators jointly launched the registration for the COVID-19 vaccination at the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Central Station on 27 May 2021 at 09:00 Hrs. The total quota of 430,000 inoculations as allocated by the Ministry of Public Health has been fully booked by customers of all the mobile operators.

Customers are advised to take along their given QR codes for the vaccination appointments at the Central Vaccination Center for verification with ID cards. The inoculation service begins 7 June 2021 from 09:00-20:00 Hrs.

Sorapong Paitoonphong, Deputy Permanent Secretary, the Thai Ministry of Transport said, “The collaboration between the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Health has transformed the space inside the Bang Sue Central Station to become the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Central Station. The aim is to provide vaccination service to the general public and public transport personnel in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. The Ministry of Public Health is responsible for the sourcing of vaccines and medical personnel and with the Department of Medical Services and Institute of Dermatology Thailand responsible for administering the vaccines.”

Since the vaccination service for public transport personnel began in May, approximately 10,000 persons per day can be inoculated as per expectation. This is to follow by vaccination service to the general public.

Beginning 7 June, apart from readiness of the vaccination center, the Ministry of Transport is also facilitating the logistics for the public coming in for the inoculation at the Bang Sue Central Station. The public can reach the Bang Sue Central Station via the MRT Blue Line and 3 temporary shuttle bus services by the BMTA. The free shuttle bus services run along the looping routes of Bang Pho Pier-Tao Poon BTS Station, Victory Monument, Central Plaza Ladprao, BTS Mor Chit or MRT Chatuchak and the Bangkok Bus Terminal. Parking is also available at the Bang Sue Central Station for 1,500 vehicles.


Dr. Mingkwan Vichaidit, Director of the Institute of Dermatology Thailand, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, said, “the Ministry of Public Health is preparing for the smooth rollout of vaccination service beginning 7 June from 09:00 – 20.00 Hrs.”

We expect to administer vaccines at a rate of 900 – 1,000 persons per hour total 10,000 persons per day at the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Central Station.

The vaccination process for the public coming: bring the QR code along with your ID card for verification at the service point of the mobile operator you are a customer of The 1st station is where you sign the consent form, take temperature reading, and blood pressure measurement. 2nd station is QR code registration together with the ID card. 3rd station is the administration of vaccines and 4th station is the 30-minute rest for observation.

Trairat Viriyasirikul, acting Secretary-General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) said that the Office of the NBTC wanted to emphasize to the public its readiness in providing telecom services and equipment for the Covid-19 Vaccination Center (field hospital) at Bang Sue Grand Station, in line with government policy. Telecom systems are now fully prepared to support the opening of vaccination for the public at Bang Sue Central Vaccination Center on 7th June. NBTC and the four telecom service providers – AIS, True, Dtac and NT — have supported registration of their customers for vaccination, and each of them have provided officials at Bang Sue Grand Station to provide convenience to people who have registered and travelled to make their appointment, so that vaccination by the Department of Medical Services, of the Ministry of Public Health, will meet its maximum targets of 10,000 vaccinations per day.

“The Office of the NBTC has urged all operators to provide mobile base stations to improve the signal and efficiently maintain its quality, to support usage by a large number of people coming for vaccination, so there is no breakdown of communications,” said Mr Trairat.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS said, “AIS is dedicated to helping out with efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, as our core mission conducted under the concept, ‘Connecting, Assisting Thai People.’ We have publicized the effort to build immunity through vaccination at Bang Sue Central Vaccination Center since 27th May, and have invited AIS customers to receive vaccination, taking bookings until the month of August, all of which went off without a hitch. As for the vaccination service itself launching on Monday 7th June, we would like to invite every person who has registered with AIS to come and receive the vaccination at the scheduled time at Gate 2. Just show your QR code and ID card, and we have also recruited over 100 ‘Aunjai Volunteers’ to provide assistance and care at every stage of the procedure, for the task of building national immunity to proceed as smoothly as possible. We are also supporting communications networks for both the administration staff and the public in the vaccination areas, to provide convenient communications without interruption.”

Pichit Thanyodom, Chief Corporate Solutions and Cooperation Officer, True Corporation Plc said that “The co-operations with the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Transport and NBTC to increase channels for the Thai public to have access to COVID-19 vaccination at the field hospital (BangSue Central Vaccination Center) is another True Group’s mission to stand by all Thais in overcoming COVID-19 crisis together. The vaccination service will start on June 7th, in which True Group is fully ready to accommodate the public and customers who have registered through various True’s channels. We have over 100 volunteers who were highly trained in public health aspect that wear gloves and face shields at all time while welcoming and providing service to customers. High standard sterilizer machines with UV infrared are also available to disinfect germs on mobile phones, glasses and pens by yourself.  At the same time, free drinking water from True is also provided as a necessity for those who come for vaccination.  Moreover, toenhance confidence for True customers who are willing to be vaccinated to prevent COVID-19 and help the nation end the pandemic, True Group provides an insurance that covers side effects of COVID-19 vaccination free of charge in which TrueYou joined with FWD to give 400,000 rights of a 150,000-Baht worth of insurance coverage for 60 days. Customers must register before get the vaccination service on TrueID application from June 5th, 2021 onwards.  True has also prepared its genius True 5G / 4G and WiFi networks to fully accommodate the task of medical personnel and the public who come to receive the service.  Those who wish to change or postpone the appointment, could correct the date and time at”


Tippayarat Kaewsringam, Chief Sales Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “We are preparing for the smoothest possible route to COVID-19 vaccination for our customers at the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Central Station. We also bring our customers special privileges of dtac Rewards for free upon this occasion: ice cream, sweets, and drinks for our customers receiving their inoculation at the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Central Station from 7 June through 31 August 2021.”

dtac customers going to the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Station are advised to take their given QR code appointments from the SMS along with their ID cards. Dtac customers are also advised to enter Gate 3 of the Bang Sue Central Station. This can be accessed via Kampaengphet Road and the parking where free shuttle bus service is provided to bring you to Gate 3 where dtac personnel will be on duty to serve.

dtac is deploying a proportionate number of personnel to fully take care of our customers at a rate of 150 persons per hour for 11 hours or 1,650 persons a day.

This mission is borne out of dtac personnel who are volunteering to contribute to the mission of the government and to serve the public. Our personnel teamed up to design a registration system that is easy and convenient to use. The personnel servicing the customers at the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Station have volunteered themselves for the full 4 months. Each dtac employee is proud to contribute to the mission of national importance during this COVID-19 crisis with the hope that Thailand emerges stronger and moves forward.


Wirote Tocharoenvanich, Vice President, Head of Wireless 1, National Telecom PCL, said, “NT, as the government telecom operator, we have collaborated to support communications and administration service at the Central Vaccination Center in Bang Sue Central Station. We are providing free wi-fi, and my SIM cards for the medical personnel and deploying 400 sets of computer notebooks and mobile devices and 100 set of printers. We are also deploying a team of volunteers to hand out drinking water for the public coming in for the vaccination service. NT customers on both my network and TOT mobile can register for the vaccination at NT customers are advised to enter the Central Vaccination Center via Gate 2 of the Bang Sue Central Station.”

NT hope that we are doing our best to contribute efficient services in the handling of the COVID-19 situation in the country. This is on top of our ongoing work to provide free wi-fi in field hospitals across the country, free SIMs to medical personnel, as well as donations of supplies to the COVID-19 patients and those affected via various organizations.