Magic money magnet! When opening an auspicious number bind with prompt pay service, attracting money, eliminating debt with dtac auspicious number, especially for you

May 22nd, 2023 – dtac solidifies its primary strategy in collaboration with True (Better Together) to digitally drive the public by delivering Champion Growth Beyond the Core to propel Thailand to a fully digital era, offering *dtac auspicious number, especially for you under the concept to connect the account with prompt pay as an auspicious service. This number aims to attract money with a package starting from only 399 baht, an auspicious number from dtac catered for you to find the number that best fits your horoscope, enhancing prosperity by only opening the auspicious number and binding prompt pay service with your saving account. The service will allow you to simply and efficiently make financial transactions under the special dtac 5G Better package that offers more valuable privileges.

The auspicious number to enhance financial status is the priority for customers looking for

dtac is the mobile phone operator who is the number 1 leader in the auspicious number, conducting serious strategy in this marketing field with in-depth analysis of interest, demand, and thorough understand consumers to fulfill their needs best,

Due to the current inflation, costs of products & services have increased, resulting in a lack of cash flow. Therefore, people are seeking auspicious numbers to enhance their luck in the financial aspect. Based on the dtac website, in August 2022, 55% of customers were looking for a number to increase their economic fortune.

The auspicious number is not only for receiving calls but also receiving money

Currently, mobile phone is not only for making or receiving calls but become an essential item for daily life. More importantly, the mobile phone has become a money wallet instead of cash. If the number is an auspicious number catered especially for you, it will bring luck and fortune. When binding the auspicious number with the prompt pay account, it will turn into an auspicious prompt pay to attract money from the number that fits your fortune by combining two numbers into one based on your birthday and the last four digits of your ID card, simply make the transaction, swift payment without having to memorize the account number, making it more convenient and create an opportunity to receive money from everywhere at any time,

Your dtac auspicious number is selected to fit your horoscope by Master Chang Tossaporn Sritula, a leading national guru in figure science. Based on the figure science, the most influential numbers that represent yourself best are your birthday number, as we all know that our birthday has an impact on our horoscope, whether on the astrology or character aspect, and your ID card number, especially the last four digits, which will indicate and affect your horoscope.

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*It is a personal belief. Please use your discretion when receiving information.