dtac launches a new solution using ‘LINE Business Connect’ to provide customers fast and convenient real-time self-services via LINE

January 16, 2019 – dtac launches a new solution on LINE platform using ‘LINE Business Connect’, to bring digital experience to customers under the concept of ‘Digital Care Channel’. dtac aims to add a digital channel for customers to check information of their subscription by themselves using their smartphones. Customers can check the time/data usage and limit, promotion, and other privileges in real time for 24 hours a day. dtac believes LINE can be a communication platform to build a closer relationship with customers and effectively meet customer’s individual needs.

Mr. Panthep Nilasinthop, Acting Chief Digital Officer, Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac, said: “dtac aims to constantly develop easy fast and convenient channels to serve various digital services to customers. We have been providing the digital services under the campaign ‘digital care’ such as dtac application, dtac online community website, and dtac social media (Facebook, LINE, and Twitter). Latest, we have developed our channel on LINE platform (dtac Official Account) by using a new solution ‘LINE Business Connect’ to provide convenient and useful services for prepaid and postpaid customers on LINE platform. We look deeply into customers’ experience. We also hope to build customer relationship with the help of dtac’s LINE Business Connect”.

Thailand is LINE’s second-largest market in the world with over 44 million users, which is the main reason that dtac has developed LINE Business Connect. This number shows that more than half of Thailand’s population is using LINE, so that LINE can reach Thai people of every generation.

“dtac realizes that by using the platform customers are familiar with can benefit them the most. It is surely the best option to deeply communicate with them for their individual needs. Besides, it could help solve the problem and encourage prepaid customers to be familiar with the digital services as they are afraid to make online transactions. They usually need some help and advice from our staff. Due to the constraint of their phone storage capacity, most of prepaid customers prefer LINE to other applications.”

LINE Business Connect is a solution on LINE platform that answers dtac’s demand since it can handle customers’ database, including behaviors and “experiences” of customers to dtac’s products and services. dtac will analyze and interpret the received data to provide the services to meet customer’s individual needs.”

Dtac’s LINE Business Connect is now ready to serve prepaid and postpaid dtac customers. Customers who are interested in such service must add dtac Official Account to become friends in LINE and register for using the service. For the initial phase of this LINE Business Connect, customers can use 6 following features:

  1. Usage check and enquiry
  2. Payment
  3. Refill
  4. Package subscription
  5. Jai Dee Services: Emergency Refill, Balance Transfer, and Day Giveaway.
  6. dtac rewards: Customers can check their package status and redeem privileges