Interior Design Firm Wongpe Studio Grew Business by Moving Workflow to the Cloud with dtac Business WorryFree Plus Pro Package

25 February 2022 – Wongpe Studio, the only interior design firm in Thailand specializing artificial plans, turned over a new leaf by moving over to the cloud. Wongpe Studio now works with the cloud-based dtac Business WorryFree Plus Pro, a comprehensive communication package complete with Google Workspace, one of several Business-to-Consumer (B2C) solutions by dtac Business. A heartwarming story, this small enterprise case also highlights important lessons in digital transformation: flexibility, adaptability, and speed.

The eco-friendly green alternative

Mr. Kittikhun Lertprayoonmitr and Mr. Yossapak Chongcharoenjai founded Wongpe Studio in 2016 as an interior design firm. They were responding to a rising trend around the world towards greener building interiors, such as Singapore’s Changi Airport which wows visitors with a lush green oasis. At that time, the trend had yet to catch on in Thailand because using real plants indoors was challenging to maintain. The duo addressed this barrier by using artificial plants. Not only do Wongpe Studio’s modern artificial plants render realistic, natural-looking green areas, they are also made of recycled materials and dyes, and are themselves recyclable, minimizing concerns around sustainability and waste.

“Many studies show that even artificial plants can have a positive impact on people’s mental and physical health. Wongpe Studio’s goal is to promote the benefits of nature in spaces where real plants are not feasible. We wish to offer the public more access to greenery, and hope that when they see artificial plants indoors, they are motivated to go see real plants outdoors.”


The many benefits of articifial plants

Interior design with artificial plants is quite distinct, and serves the needs of people differently. Kittikhun explained that lovers of real plants have to search for a suitable location for their real plants, while people who prefer artificial plants do not have to worry about finding the right spot with the right light. Moreover, they can rest easy about other inconveniences such as plant diseases and insects when beautifying their places. A major economical benefit of artificial plants is that they last at last five years.

“Modern manufacturing technologies can recreate plants from recycled materials that look very close to the real thing. Popular plants like Heliconia indica, Monstera deliciosa, Caladium bicolor, and many others can now be made artificially,” Kittikun explained. “These decorative plants have their own identities and qualities, so they they must be carefully mixed and matched to stay on theme. However, everything depends on the client’s concept, and when the location supports it, you can even mix and match real and artificial plants to complement one another.”


Adapting workflow to attract more clients

When Covid-19 first began in the first quarter of 2020, Wongpe Studio was not much affected as 90% of the clientele was B2B – large enterprises, shopping centers, housing estates, and cafés with long-term contracts. But as the pandemic dragged on through a devastating second wave, problems and obstacles began to pile up, from halted construction projects to canceled client meetings. Business dried up quickly.

But Wongpe Studio held on and began experimenting with new workflows and technologies to improve business. First step: switching from paperwork to working digitally on the cloud in order to do all marketing online. This digital transformation resulted in gaining more B2C companies and smaller enterprises as clients. Yossapak summed up a lesson learned from the crisis: flexibility, adaptability, and speed.

“Prospective clients want to see sample images, and we must be able to show them immediately. It’s not like in the face-to-face meetings of the past, when we had to plan for and prepare sample materials step-by-step. Now that we do business online, many prospective customers discover us through an online ad and message us directly. They do not necessarily have any prior ideas, precise plants or specific outcomes in mind. If we take too long to answer them, we may lose them forever.”


Working quickly and securely in real-time

Despite plunging headlong into digital workflows, the duo confessed it was tricky to find solutions and services that worked for them. That all changed when they found dtac Business WorryFree Plus Pro. The communication package bundles Google Workspace with a comprehensive suite of productivity tools starting at only 499 Baht and with IT support from dtac. Kittikhun and Yossapak subscribed for the package without hesitation and found that it really helped ease their workflow.

“WorryFree Plus Pro from dtac Business really answered our needs. We can fill up data and see everything updated in real-time for everyone. We retain a huge amount of customer information and each customer file differs greatly, so imagine what would happen if these were still in paper form and somehow we lost them. That would critically impact customer confidence. Storing information on the cloud is essential for business,” explained Yossapak. He added that when Covid-19 is over in the future, Wongpe Studio will still continue to use this service as the technology clearly makes business simpler.

“Even though this technology is not a core part of our artificial plant design and interior decoration business, it adds value and makes workflow simpler, faster, and more efficient. There is no reason to stop using it,” concluded Yossapak.

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