How dtac unleashes the giant in blind call center agents

“์Nong Didi *678, Voice command services. We answer your question in a split second”

You will hear this jingle call center when you dial *678 for help or any support from dtac. But the workers here are physically different from others. They all are visually impaired.

Dated back in 2016, it was the first year dtac set up a call center fully operated by the blind in partnership with the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand in hopes of unlocking their potentials as part of dtac’s social contribution. It was initiated by Virat Jaruchoktaweecha, the current head of Customer Call Service.

Today, dtac employs 15 blind people for customer service, where the office is located at the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand, supervised by Vareeruck Rachavangmuang.

Ball – Phaisan Saelee

Mr.Phaisan, a trilingual speaker, has worked at dtac for three years with the key responsibility of inbound services, serving customers for helps, such as data usage and balance check.

“I feel so good and pleased to solving customers’ problems. I understood sometimes customers might pissed off, but I tried to understand the problems and fix it. That was my little happiness each day,” He said.

Working at dtac has tremendously unlocked my potential thanks to the opportunities dtac gave. They assigned me job descriptions with a clear goal, not just we are underprivileged. More importantly, dtac listened to us, leading to improved results. And they treat us as a part of this company, allowing us to join many company activities, especially staff party.

“Although our ability might be limited by visual impairment that possibly affect the access to information, but we do my best with listening skills to provide best service to customers,” Mr.Phaisan said.

Deaw – Amphone Intarapuay

“dtac is the first workplace giving his first job in his entire life, enabling me to explore a true potential in me,” Deaw said.

Before joining dtac, my computer skill was poor with slow typing. But today, I have drastically improved thanks to our colleagues and my manager. This allowed me to think systematically and unlock my potential.

“I knew that customers calling me and sometimes get angry because they have problems. What I can do is to listen, understand and solve on behalf of dtac. Satisfied customers and keep them informed.”


Kik – Kanjana Sarilaksun

After graduation from the faculty of law, Thammasat University, she pursued her job as a call center officer with service mind. Once dtac announced job vacancy advertisement, she did not hesitate to apply with dtac, her favorite brand.

“Jon function here is varied from inbound to outbound, such as balance check content subscription service to new promotion subscription. This job helps us to truly understand what customers want as a frontline”

More importantly, dtac is one of a few companies providing screen readers software, allowing the visually impaired to work. In other word, dtac gives us eyes to see the whole world.


Here is just another story of dtac unlocking the giant in you!