dtac’s special team fixing up to 90 percent of customer complaints

In three months, the “Delight Team” was able to reduce certain categories of customer complaints by up to 90 percent.

dtac set up a special task force in November 2019 with a key mission to reduce customer complaints, which increased due to a complex transition in dtac’s spectrum holdings after 29 years under a concession regime.

The established cross-functional team called “Delight team”, is led by Mr. Raewat Tankittikorn, “head of channel strategy and partnership” with joint members from multiple departments – technology group, call center, digital community, postpaid marketing and brand communications.

From a vast number of complaints, they were classified as 115 problems that helped us to be more focused and prioritized – solve and prevent pain points. The aim was to fix and improve customer experiences and satisfaction.

How cross-functional culture promotes efficacy

“It’s impossible to fix problems by working in silos. But things will be a lot easier when you have those members from different units at a place. They bring their expertise to help fix problem. We will get a variety of views through each member lens,” he said.

There are many impactful benefits of cross-functional team. It is a way to optimize flexibility, creativity and productivity. Working in cross-functional team creates a peer environment, where we can share their knowledge to improve overall level of decision-making.

“For example, sales team focuses on revenue. Call center prioritizes customer’s happiness. But cross-functional team gives us opportunities to balance diversity of thinking from each member, making a more perfect resolution,” Mr. Raewat added.

“The diverse background of each member automatically drives cross-functional working environment, resulting in effectiveness of problem solving. It allowed us to have a holistic view of each problem,” Mr.Raewat reiterates.

The heart of cross-functional culture

Amidst the rapid change of customer behavior, the team has adopted an agile method to quickly solve problems. This can be identified into three steps:

  • Set a clear goal

The team member should share a common goal with clarity. If it is not clear, each member will not see how the achievement looks like.

  • Fix it

Everyone is supposed to own their expertise and skills that involve each problem.

  • Let’s celebrate

No matter the success is small or big, but we should celebrate to create positive energy within the team.

After having delight team, it clearly showed that there was a significant reduction rates of complaints by up to 90%. For example, the complaints of unwanted SMS was down dramatically from highest to lowest on Pantip.com, one of the country’s most popular online community portals. That was one of the team’s successes.

“The biggest challenge for this team is to reach out and convince the job owners to embrace the weaknesses we pointed out and fix them,” said Mr.Raewat.

Actually delight team acts like an agency to guide and support the job owners to overcome all kind of limitations, leading to a smooth and well-designed operations.