April 3, 2019 – dtac introduces SIM GO INTER for travelers traveling to all continents 67 countries around the world. There are 2 types of SIM cards:

1) SIM GO INTER (Asia-Australia-America), 399 baht, 5 GB data for 10 days

2) SIM GO INTER (Worldwide), 899 baht, 4 GB data for 15 days. Customers purchasing SIM GO INTER (Worldwide) between March 15 and May 31, 2019 will receive 2 GB free data on top.

According to the Thailand Tourism Intelligence Center, in 2017, the number of Thai outbound tourists was 8.83 million with 286.02 billion baht spending and the average staying of 6.4 days and the average spending of 6,537.08 baht per person per day ** More information is available at https://thailandtic.com/th/graph/outbound/index. The most popular destinations for dtac customers are China, Japan, Myanmar, Laos and Hong Kong, and the customer behavior reveals that they use more data services than voice in the following countries 1. China 2. Japan 3. South Korea 4. USA and 5. Singapore

SIM GO INTER is getting popular among Thai travelers due to a wide range of top roaming partners, network coverage in major tourist attractions, including:

  1. China: China Mobile and China Unicom, offering complete coverage on a variety of devices
  2. Vietnam: Viettel – number one network in Vietnam
  3. Australia: Telstra – number one network in Australia
  4. Switzerland: Swisscom – number one network in Switzerland
  5. India: Vodafone IDEA with the largest network coverage in India

In addition, dtac offers free international travel insurance giving customers peace of mind while travelling in Asia, Australia, and America. Customers can purchase SIM GO INTER Plus for 499 baht and get 10-day free travel insurance from Sunday with a coverage of up to 600,000 baht and 30-minute free domestic calls to dtac numbers for 30 days. dtac SIM GO INTER offers add-on packages for data-heavy customers to top up before traveling to ensure there is no disruption of service. dtac customers can be assured of high-quality network and high-speed Internet from top roaming partners around the world. More detail is available at www.dtac.co.th/gointer.