Celebrated Architect and Foodie Duangrit Bunnag’s Favorite Bites

This post is contributed by prominent Thai architecture Duangrit Bunnag

Over the past month of the city lockdown, many of you might have had a chance to improve your online shopping and food ordering skills through various mobile apps. I’m one of them who started using and practicing food ordering online and I’m now very good at it!

And I believe once food restaurants are allowed to reopen and dine it, online food ordering habits will persist. These are my favorite spots to order from these days:

Tang Hong Phochana

Here is one of my top-of-mind eateries, Tang Hong Pochana. This Chinese shophouse serves Harn Palo (Chinese-style stewed goose). It’s perfectly paired with steamed rice. It’s also best ordered with a side of vegetables and soup; stir-fried kanaeng and Sichuan soup with pickled lettuce. It’s shame that the side dishes are not served through delivery. We might need to wait until the situation turns to normal.

Sri Yan Beef Ball 

It’s my favorite soup with beef balls. What I strongly recommend is vermicelli noodles with tendon beef balls. You should go double. Don’t forget to season with a half of spoon of chili and vinegar sauce. Superb!


Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant

This authentic Cantonese cuisine house reminds me of my childhood when I was studying in London. I almost cried when I got the news it would open a branch in Bangkok. The winning formula of the signature roast duck here comes from well-seasoned and tender meats. You can feel happiness when eating duck with its signature chili oil. You should also try Sichuan spicy soup, Tofu fried with chilies and salt and stir-fried green beans and minced pork.


Samyan Congee

Samyan congee pops up in my mind first when it comes to congee or rice porridge. A classic Chinese breakfast dish, it is normally served with well-seasoned pork balls and a pudding-like texture of boiled rice. I recommend you add an egg into it. There’s also a new branch at Chokchai Si in northern Bangkok. You should try it too once self-isolation measures are lifted.



The Never Ending Summer

The Never Ending Summer is a Thai rustic restaurant situated on the Chao Pharaya Riverbank. The chefs collected my favorite childhood recipes from old cookbooks belonging to high-society matrons and created a nostalgic menu that includes classics like egg and pork in sweet brown sauce, rice noodles with coconut milk, beef in red curry, stir-fried curry crab meat.

I think good food makes a good start to every day. We’re fortunate that we’re in Thailand which has an abundance of affordable and healthy resources. Eating Thai food every day will boost up your spirit!

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