dtac’s Net for Living Digital Upskilling Program to kick off next week after attracting over 1,500 applicants

  • Figures underline the country’s upskilling crisis, fueled by Covid-19, which has exacerbated skill gaps across generations and locations
  • Most applicants have expressed their urgent and huge demand on online business training


March 5, 2021 – Net-for-Living program initiated by dtac readies to roll out its digital upskilling journey for small-scaled enterprises next week after receiving an overwhelming feedback with the applicants of more than 1,500 nationwide. Figures from the applications reflects a massive disparity in digital spaces, which should be addressed urgently to bring Thailand a more inclusive economy.

Sharad Mehrotra, chief executive officer at Total Access Communication Plc or dtac, said: “Covid-19 crisis has altered a structural change in labor market. Businesses are striving to digitalization to keep up with digital consumers. This has put pressure on Thai labor market to transform cope with the growing sectors of economy, helping people to succeed in the post-pandemic economy and beyond.”

According to data from the applications of dtac’s Net-for-Living initiative, it showed that Thailand is facing the upskilling crisis. Skill gap has been clearly seen across generations and locations.

Covid-19 highlights digital divide

Majority of the applicants joined the program with the aim to become more equipped with online business knowledge as they sales were hugely shrunk during Covid-19 crisis. Around 25 per cent of them have turned themselves as the first-time entrepreneur to survive during the unprecedented time as blue-collar workers became jobless or chose to retire early.

Most of them reside in greater Bangkok (33 per cent), followed by the North at 16.7 per cent. The remaining region – the Central, West, Northeast, East and South – accounted for 12 per cent equally on average. Products range from agricultural goods, monk essentials, clothing and accessory, food and beverage.

Around 21 per cent are aged more than 50 years old with the oldest one aged at 69. They expressed their interest in joining the program due to the realization of online sales generation in the post-coved economy. Some 43 per cent of them already owned their Facebook Page, but still lacks system management knowledge. While 7.6 per cent seeks out further techniques on online marketing.

Merely 35 per cent of the applicants have potential to brand creation thanks to its unique selling points of sales based on their community resources and storytelling. Interestingly, Net-for-Living program also attracted the interest among indigenous and tribal peoples (accounted for 10 per cent) in order for them to transfer their local wisdom and connect with new groups of consumers via online channels.

“The findings have highlighted the fact that there’re huge disparity in digital spaces, which is considered a threat to socio-economic development and the country’s digitalization. Every part of Thai society wants to broaden themselves into online market, to seek out their new opportunities, whether they live in rural-urban fringe or highland. Digital literacy thus plays a critical role in Thailand’s digital inclusion mission as a path toward sustainable economic development,” said Mr.Mehrotra.

Net-for-Living kicks off

Following the recruitment process and 150 small-scaled entrepreneurs have been shortlisted and announced today (Mar 5). A group of coaches from dtac’s Net-for-Living program will begin a training session across the regions, starting from greater Bangkok, Central Thailand, the East, the upper and lower North, Northeast and the South.

The digital training program covers five key modules regarding online commerce, of which: Introduction to e-commerce, online marketing platform, e-commerce photography, building digital presence and content creation for business. Furthermore, the program will also offer a business counseling service, covering e-commerce tax consultancy, funding and securing certification from the Food and Drug Administration.

Following training session, the initiative will continue with mentorship program from a group of online coaches.

Additionally, dtac will provide appropriate assistance for those who are not selected, such as e-commerce photography services and Google map pin for business location.

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