dtac’s Jaidee Pharmacy gets nationwide boost

Digitalizing healthcare and making it more accessible to low-income earners, dtac and insuretech startup Sunday Ins add pharmacy chains Fascino and Bangkok Drugstore to the Jaidee Pharmacy network

 24 November 2020 – dtac Prepaid is expanding its Jaidee Pharmacy discounted rates and mobile access to licensed healthcare professionals nationwide. In collaboration with insuretech startup Sunday Ins, and franchise networks Fascino and Bangkok Drugstore, the agreement adds over 200 pharmacy outlets for a total of over 600 pharmacies now participating in Jaidee Pharmacy.

All of the pharmacies within the alliance are government licensed, improving access to authentic medication and advice from medical professionals. Jaidee Pharmacy also brings neighborhood pharmacies into the digital and mobile arena, by making them accessible via new channels that blend online and offline services.

Mrs. Sukannee Lertsukwibul, Head of Prepaid Market of Total Access Communication PCL or dtac, said, “dtac Jaidee Pharmacy helps our customers save money and it ensures they get real medication from licensed professionals. In the current economic climate, dtac believes it’s essential to help our customers to live healthily and save money. Our new partnership will make Jaidee Pharmacy even more accessible, with our ultimate ambition being to have a Jaidee Pharmacy partner in every tambon.”

Currently, dtac Jaidee Pharmacy users average 1.5 vouchers per month, indicating most of them are repeat users. The vouchers cost 59, 80 and 150 baht but can be redeemed for 100, 200 and 300 baht respectively in participating pharmacies. The most purchased items are pain killers (such as paracetamol), cold medication and drugs for gastrointestinal issues.

To see the complete list of participating pharmacies visit www.dtac.co.th/s/EvoucherThe new agreement adds 209 branches to dtac Jaidee Pharmacy’s network of pharmacies, for a total of over 600 participants.

  • Fascino is one of the oldest (36 years) and largest chains with 104 branches of community pharmacies. Fascino began as a single store in front of the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok and has grown to selling over 10,000 different medical drugs, supplies, food supplements, equipment and patient support.
  • The other new chain of pharmacies to come on board is Bangkok Drugstore, also a leading network. Bangkok Drugstore has 105 locations around the country, with some branches open 24 hours a day.

Mr. Suradej Panich, Chief Data Scientist of Sunday Ins Co., Ltd., said, “Sunday Ins is very pleased to partner with dtac Jaidee Pharmacy, bringing leading-edge technology to offer better access to medicine to Thai people, making them healthier and helping them save money. We work hard to expand our network of pharmacies thanks to our digital platform that connects pharmacy chains together—and even independent pharmacies. Moreover, Sunday Ins calls on more pharmacies to partner with us and be part of a growing network of Sunday Ins pharmacies to cover all corners of Thailand.”

Pharmacies interesting in joining the dtac Jaidee Pharmacy network can visit www.easysunday.com/s/dtacjaidee or call 02-026-3355.

Mr. Chuwit Waisiriroaj, Deputy Managing Director, Bangkok Drugstore Co., Ltd., said, “This collaboration will help lower costs of medication and improve access to proper consultation. This is particularly timely when earnings are lower, treatment at private hospitals becomes less accessible and government hospitals have long waiting lists. In this situation, pharmacies become the first responder in basic healthcare, helping to unload the burden of hospitals for common ailments. We hope that this program will spark a better understanding of and access to healthcare for Thai people.”

Ms. Yanin Pisanwalerd, CEO of Profascino Co., Ltd., said, “The drugs and medical supplies industry in Thailand has been growing steadily every year, reflecting increased. Pharmacies can be considered the first places people depend on when experiencing common ailments. This collaboration not only improves access to medicine, it also improves access to advice on appropriate and proper use of medicine from qualified pharmacists in certified pharmacies. Fascino wishes to see Thai people in good health.”

About dtac Jaidee Services

dtac offers nine Jaidee services to its prepaid customers. dtac Jaidee is designed to offer tangible benefits and savings, while ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. For example, Jaidee Emergency Call Back allows users to send an SMS to request a return call, even when they are out of credit. Similarly, Jaidee Day Giveaway offers free extensions of a SIM card’s validity. Other services include Jaidee Borrow Net, Jaidee Balance Transfer, Jaidee Emergency Refill and more.

Mrs. Sukannee Lertsukwibul, Senior Vice President, Head of Prepaid Market at Total Access Communication PCL or dtac (middle), Mr. Chuwit Waisiriroaj, Deputy Managing Directing Manager, Bangkok Drugstore Co., Ltd., (left) and Mr. Suradej Panich, Chief Data Scientist of Sunday Ins Co., Ltd., (right) mark their collaboration in pharmacy network for the Jaidee pharmacy vouchers program. This increase the total number of participating pharmacies to over 600 locations nationwide, adding convenience to more customers and helping them to gain access to certified pharmacies with qualified pharmacists.
Ms. Yanin Pisanwalerd, CEO of Profascino Co., Ltd., (second from left) bring Fascino pharmacy outlets nationwide in support of the Jaidee pharmacy vouchers program to offer dtac customers added value with increased access to certified pharmacies with qualified pharmacists on duty. Mrs. Sukannee Lertsukwibul, Head of Prepaid Market, Total Access Communication PCL or dtac, (third from left) and Mr. Suradej Panich, Chief Data Scientist of Sunday Ins Co., Ltd, (4th from left) together drive the Jaidee pharmacy vouchers to be more accessible to dtac customers across Thailand. dtac prepaid and postpaid customers can buy discount vouchers at 59, 89 and 150 Baht to buy medicines worth up to 300 Baht at participating pharmacies. Simply show the SMS on your mobile phone to the pharmacy and take home the medicine. The program is available now until 30 June 2021. For more information place go to https://www.dtac.co.th/prepaid/services/jai-dee.html