dtac’s GAMING NATION Levels Up Mobile In-Game Purchases with Freebies Every Friday

18 June 2021 – dtac just launched GAMING NATION, a platform for mobile, in-game purchases that is easier, more flexible and more rewarding than ever. With the world’s most successful mobile games on board, it allows gamers to kit out their characters and level up from one platform integrated into their dtac account. Plus, every Friday, GAMING NATION rolls out exclusive freebies and discounts, starting this Friday 18th June.

Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “dtac always goes all in to help our customers stay on top of what they want and fulfill their most essential needs. Gaming has become an integral part of their mobile experience, but in-game purchases are out of reach for many customers, either because they don’t trust the platform or can’t use its payment methods. GAMING NATION brings all the most popular games into one safe, easy-to-use platform that rewards customers with lots of exclusives and freebies. dtac has really leveled up mobile gaming for everyone.”

For the launch of GAMING NATION, dtac has teamed up with the world’s biggest names in gaming to launch the platform with 30 major titles including PUBG, Mobile Legends and Ragnarok M. This makes GAMING NATION the most comprehensive gaming top-up platform  Best of all, these in-game purchases are available with the best-ever promotional deals and cashbacks—and no credit cards are required.

GAMING NATION comes at a time of fast growth for mobile gaming. Mobile usage has increased rapidly with Thailand’s successive social distancing. In March-May, data usage increased by 12% as customers spend more time playing, learning, shopping and watching entertainment online. According to Newzoo, the spending by gamers in Thailand (across all platforms) reached 31 billion Baht in 2020.

Within the growing gamer segment, dtac’s market research shows that 70 percent of gamers can be described as “joyful gamers,” as opposed to the serious gamers who play very competitively, or even professionally. Joyful gamers are no less committed in terms of time and spending, but game in a more relaxed way, just to unwind or kill time. GAMING NATION is particularly suited to them by being easy to use, affordable, and trustworthy.

Joyful gamers on a budget will particularly love the Happy Friday deals, which range from discounts to outright freebies. Moreover, spending on GAMING NATIONS earns points towards customers’ dtac Reward and dtac Reward Coins. There are even free e-sport tournament tickets up for grabs and tips and trick from leading streamers’ which will be revealed exclusively to GAMING NATION users.

dtac customers can access GAMING NATION via the dtac app or the web at https://gamingnation.dtac.co.th/

As a special promotion, dtac is giving away free gaming top-up codes on the launch, Friday of 18 June. Gamers can pay as little as 0 baht for packages worth 500 baht. Thanks to the Happy Friday discounts, a 500 baht package on Mobile Legends, PUBG or Identity can be had for 0 baht—as with many other games. New users who register on the web also receive a 50 Baht discount towards their first purchase. With GAMING NATION, mobile gaming is truly next level. #GamingNation #GamingTopUpEveryFriday