dtac Young Safe Internet Leaders Cyber Camp Season 4 Opens for Applications; High-school Students invited to join the Metaverse Camp to Tackle Cyber crimes

April 5, 2022 – dtac teams up with Telenor Group, Cisco and the Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA) to promote cybercrime awareness among youth and incubate cyber-security innovation projects in a 1-month cyber camp. The Young Safe Internet Leaders Cyber Camp Season 4 (YSLC #4) will offer youth an opportunity to learn about cybersecurity and how to stay safe and vigilant in the digital world, and experiment in a fun metaverse cyber-security sandbox. This year, dtac is partnering with worldwide leader in technology, Cisco, to leverage Cisco’s Networking Academy program and expertise for YSLC Season 4.

Cybercrime is a growing global threat and could potentially cause as much as USD 10.5 trillion in damages by 2025, according to the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol). Young people from over 150 countries around the world have called for global leaders to address cyber risks which are impacting youth globally. In 2021, the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland included cybersecurity action in its latest Youth Recovery Plan.

A dynamic meeting of minds, held in the metaverse

This year’s camp aims to enable an immersive learning experience, it will take place in the metaverse! All participants will create their own virtual avatars and enjoy a wide range of immersive activities, which will include:

  • Boot Camp: This digital upskilling course from the ETDA and Cisco aims to boost participants’ Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) and introduce the prevailing global cybersecurity challenges in 2022, such as deep fakes and phishing. In the bootcamp, youth campers will interact with professionals who will inspire them with digital career guidance.
  • Studio LAB: A hands-on series of cybersecurity workshops will place participants in the Cyber Attack Studio and the Online Privacy Studio. This series is facilitated by Cisco, the worldwide leader in technology and one of the largest cybersecurity providers in the world. Youth campers will learn about real-world cybersecurity use cases and experience what it means to identify, investigate, and remediate cyber-threats and alerts.
  • Project Incubation: Campers will learn the process of forming a startup – from team matching, design thinking and using a business model canvas, to pitching to the panel on a mini-demo day. Coaching will be given through the cybersecurity sandbox, which will serve as an online co-working space enabling coaches and participants to work together effectively.

Unmissable opportunities with world-class expertise

This year’s Metaverse Camp is a great opportunity to pick the brains of world-class experts joining dtac at YSLC Season 4. Cisco as Telenor Group’s global partner will offer real-world case studies on cyberattacks, phishing attacks, identity thefts, and the infrastructure cyberattack. This initiative in Thailand is the first of two pilot projects under a new Joint Purpose Agreement (JPA) between Cisco and Telenor Group aimed at addressing the digital divide in the Asia region.

The Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA) will introduce the Digital Citizen online developed based on the framework of the DQ Institute, which is the international think-tank dedicated to setting global standards for digital intelligence. The Digital Intelligence (DQ) framework is the global standards and common framework for digital literacy, skills, and readiness. It was endorsed by the IEEE Standards Association, OECD, and World Economic Forum in 2018, and has been widely used by nations, organizations, and companies championing digital intelligence.

The ETDA Digital Citizen (EDC) online curriculum comprises of five main topics:

  1. Digital identity: Awareness of online digital identity and understanding of the importance of limiting personal data in the online world
  2. Digital use: How to manage screen time and use the internet in a way that creates physical and mental balance both for oneself and others
  3. Digital security: Learn about risky and potentially hazardous behavior in the digital world, understand how cyber-threats can impact data, systems, and equipment, and discover how to deal with these threats
  4. Digital literacy: Understand the diversity of data in the digital world, and learn how to search for, analyze, and legally and ethically share content
  5. Digital communication: Awareness of positive and negative digital footprints, the tools and measurements for managing a positive digital footprint, and how to cooperate positively in the digital world

Through effective teamwork, participants can complete an original project that can work in the real world, as well as learn important leadership skills and impact a changing digital culture. It’s also a chance to peek into the future and see what’s in store when it comes to digital career paths, while receiving additional resources and guidance from Cisco and ETDA. Participants will cap off the camp with a digital certificate to show what they have learned and accomplished.

Applications period is open now

dtac Young Safe Internet Leader Cyber Camp 2022 invites upper high school students aspiring to be cybercrime fighters and social innovators to apply from today – 16 April 2022 at  https://www.safeinternetlab.com/challenge/camp. Application and participation are free of charge and there is a scholarship purse available of over THB 400,000.