dtac X BMA Inspire constructive debate through “Battle for Better” in “BKK Ranger – Youth Power Transform the City” festival in support of #BraveAgainstCyberbullying

19 September 2022 – dtac is supporting the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) in organizing the “BKK Rangers – Youth Power Transform the City” series of creative activities culminating in the “Battle for Better” debate. The debate aims to promote constructive discussion and critical thinking among Thai youth from BMA-operated schools on how to deal with cyberbullying.

Join us for the 2 Big Debates

On Sunday 25th September 2022, 16:00-17:00 Hrs., at the Thai-Japan BMA Youth Center in Dindaeng District for:

  • The final round on the topic ‘How to end cyberbullying by embracing good morals rather than enforcing rules’ from Wat Pak Boh School and Mathayom Prachaniwet School
  • A special debate between a youth team and adult team on the topic ‘Online culture – where adults need to open up and children need to listen’

The debates will also be broadcast live via dtac’s Twitter page, using the hashtag #BattleforBetter

Creating Space for Constructive Debate to #EndCyberBullyingInOurGen

dtac is collaborating with the BMA Department of Education to organize the first annual debate on #EndCyberBullyingInOurGen. This debut year has seen 96 students from 32 BMA schools participating. Prior to the debates, all participants were trained in debate and communication skills, analyzing topics, and developing an understanding of cyberbullying issues from various angles.


The participating students come from the 200,000+ youths who engaged in over 1.44 million online discussions to develop 23 ways  on how to end cyberbullying. The youth-led ‘mantras’ were developed through the campaign #EndCyberBullyingInOurGen

On Saturday 17th September, dtac organized 4 semi-final rounds of the Battle for Better debate to produce the finalists for the final round on Sunday 25th September.