dtac Wins YouTube Works Awards Thailand 2022 in the Force For Good Category for Disabled-Friendly Ad

28 September 2022dtac wins the Force For Good category of the YouTube Works Awards Thailand 2022 for our “go beyond (dis)abilities into possibilities together” campaign. The YouTube Works Awards Thailand 2022 celebrates and champions brands and agencies that produced the most compelling campaigns on YouTube. dtac’s “go beyond (dis)abilities into possibilities altogether” achieved a best-in-class ad recall lift and brand consideration with Click-Through-Rate at over twice the industry average. 

How to Communicate with the Disabled and Abled Persons Equally

dtac learned to understand disabled persons and wanted to communicate what we know differently to the public – that disabled persons have abilities to overcome obstacles and limitations. The difference is that disabled persons striving to attain better lives needed more effort to overcome everyday challenges that other people take for granted. dtac respect these efforts and wish to offer disabled persons and their caregivers’ additional support.

To communicate our understanding of disabled persons to the general public, we sat down and discussed with our creative agency and production house how best to do this. Fortunately, we have a short-film talent to represent disabled persons – “Tan – Nicharee” who not agreed to be our presenter but also to co-direct our advertising campaign.

Tan offered us incredible insights to help us produce a disabled-friendly campaign and was involved in the whole creative process including the storyboard development.

Tan said, “we’re not making an ad for just the general public, but also for the disabled persons who would be able to relate with us instantly, so we all needed to be on the same page with our mindset before starting.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes Co-created by people with disabilities


Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer at Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “Modern marketers battle with a plethora of challenges from changing consumer behavior and values to technological transformations. Communicating brand via the YouTube platform helps us reach the consumers with not just our story, but also engage them to feel our hope and our emotions.”

We could not have achieved success with the marketing campaign without our media planning partner – UM – who offered us solutions with their ethos of “the right content at the right time”. We also have Wunderman Thompson Thailand as our creative partner. dtac work closely with both as equals or as partners – not just the hirer-hiree way – so that we can share ideas and work on them together productively. We thank them for their shared vision to create something new for the consumers at the right time and the right place.

This YouTube Works Award is tremendously rewarding for all of us at dtac and reminds us that we need to learn from our customers and always strive to find new ways to communicate with them and fulfill their needs.”

Two other dtac marketing campaigns made the cut to the final round of YouTube Works Awards 2022 Thailand:

1) Reborn Rewards campaign for dtac network & local SME shops used the YouTube platform to boost conversion rate for online retailing with good results in the two years under the COVID-19 crisis. When so many offline shops were forced to shut down during COVID-19 and slow traffic once their shops opened, we gave a hand in promoting the small players. dtac curated scores of small businesses across the country with good quality products and determined entrepreneurs and supported them with an online boost.

The Reborn Reward campaign helped these small businesses with access to our customer base of nearly 20 million, helping to revive not only these participating shops but their supply chains too. dtac customers also benefitted from gaining the best deals when purchasing at these shops.

The campaign results were overwhelmingly successful with a 415% increase in Reward Coins redemption within the first month of launch and a 150% sales boost for the small businesses – or an additional revenue of over THB 50,000.Watch


2) Personal Lucky Number campaign – our full-funnel marketing approach begins with creating brand awareness, then getting consumers to consider and convert to purchase. We chose to launch the campaign via YouTube to build awareness with an astrological approach – a sensitive and challenging direction. But the results speak for themselves as sales from lucky numbers grew rapidly.

dtac’s Personal Lucky Number communication strategy had taken a totally outside-the-box approach. A comprehensive communication plan was essentially adopted where each funnel’s role and expected outcome had been thoroughly set, according to consumers’ mindset and journey stage. Media strategy and creative execution have been optimized in each stage with maximizing platform capabilities to the fullest.