dtac wins Download Speed Experience award from Opensignal

  • This is dtac’s second win a row, with the highest download speeds in the Opensignal reports of both April and November 2020.
  • dtac now aims to cement its lead and broaden its coverage with the aggressive rollout of sites on the 700 MHz band


Feb 24, 2021 – Opensignal, the independent global standard for analyzing consumers’ mobile experience, has released its Mobile Network Experience report for Thailand. For the second time in a row, dtac clinched the award for Download Speed Experience.

The November 2020 report* shows dtac further improved on the April 2020 measurements**. dtac delivered an average 4G download speed at 11.9 Mbps. Competitors’ users were measured at 10.7 Mbps and 10.3 Mbps. Taking a combined view across 5G, 4G and 3G, download speeds on the dtac network stood at 10.3 Mbps, beating its rivals (9.5 Mbps and 9.1 Mbps).

Sharad Mehrotra, chief executive officer at Total Access Communication Plc or dtac, said, “dtac’s win of the Opensignal Download Speed Experience award for the second time in a row confirms we are delivering on our strategy of high-speed internet for all. dtac’s Massive MIMO and TDD upgrades tripled our network’s capacity in 2020. In 2021, we expect our rapid rollout of sites on 700 MHz will again deeply change the user experience, with better indoor and outdoor coverage, improved quality of service and new uses cases on 5G.”

Last year, dtac started its deployment of 5G-ready massive MIMO solutions and broadened its service of 4G TDD on 2300 MHz spectrum under the concession of NT (formerly TOT). Today, dtac has installed over 20,400 stations on 2300 MHz.

This year, dtac is accelerating the rollout of sites of the 700 MHz spectrum, strengthening its network capacities on low, mid and high bands, for a smoother experience nationwide, particularly indoors and in rural areas.

For more information, consult Opensignal’s reports on the Thailand Mobile Network Experience for April 2020and November 2020.

Opensignal Awards

* Thailand: Mobile Network Experience Report November 2020, based on independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded during the period July 1 – September 28, 2020 © 2021 Opensignal Limited.

** Thailand: Mobile Network Experience Report April 2020, based on independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded during the period January 1 – March 30, 2020 © 2021 Opensignal Limited.