dtac Wins 4 HR Excellence Awards 2022 Thailand

26 October 2022 – dtac clinches four HR Excellence Awards 2022 Thailand, as organized by the Human Resources Online from Singapore. The four awards are in the categories of excellence in diversity, use of HR technology, business transformation, and employer branding:

1. Silver Award for Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – dtac’s HR policy is committed to inclusivity, equity, and diversity. These are reflected in employee benefits including 6-month maternity leave with full pay and leave allowances for LGBTQ wishing to get married or undergo a gender reassignment procedure.

2. Silver Award for Excellence in the Use of HR Tech – dtac strives to unburden employees from some repetitive and time-consuming tasks by using automation technology to improve efficiency. For example, the initial employment application screening used to take three days but now takes a mere three seconds – image the time freed up for responsible staff.

3. Silver Award for Excellence in Business Transformation – dtac not only recommends customers to engage in digital transformation in the face of global and domestic market disruptions, but we have also transformed our human resources processes. So, when we say we strive to “Go Beyond Mobile Connectivity” we mean for everyone to adapt and ride the economic wave with confidence.
dtac operates its business responsibly by adhering to good governance principles and has laid our four suggestions to employees as guidelines for the new normal way of working: always explore, create together, keep promises and be respectful to one another. By being mindful of all stakeholders and treating them with equity, we have zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, discrimination, and human rights violations.

4. Bronze Award for Excellence in Employer Branding – this award reflects dtac’s commitment to creating a home away from home with a platform each employee can choose to grow their career. dtac’s “tight-loose-tight” remote work or WFH policy with clearly defined goals and expectations offers employees flexibility, independence, and delegation authority contributing to increased employee satisfaction, especially in challenging times like COVID-19.

Mr. Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said “the four 2022 HR Excellence Awards Thailand reiterate our commitment to the best possible customer journey from ensuring our staff delivers services to customers with care. We enabled a hybrid workplace for our staff to choose to work either in the office or remotely under the concept of ‘tight-loose-tight’ where targets and expectations are set ‘tight’, while the means to achieve them are ‘loose’. This flexibility allowed everyone to work independently and enthusiastically for the best performance. The new work culture has also contributed to a happier workforce and at the same time contributes to more efficient responses to customers.”