dtac upgrades health care measure for employees with COVID-19 assurance plan

22 April 2021 – Total Access Communication PLC or dtac today announces that all employee health insurance plans have covered expenses of COVID-19 vaccination.

dtac currently provides flexible health insurance plans for all its full-time employees. These plans allow employees to get partial or full reimbursements depending on the vaccines and plans they choose. Employees will be able to sign up for vaccination on voluntary basis at a hospital of their choice.

However, when the government allows for sufficient supplies of COVID-19 vaccine imports for citizens, dtac will place a vaccine order to cover all permanent and temporary employees equally.

Moreover, dtac has continuously been providing health care supplies such as facial masks, face shields, and alcohol gel for employees, especially service staff at dtac halls nationwide. dtac has also stipulated hourly contact surface sanitization in work areas and requested both call center and back-office staff to practice the same when working from home. dtac has been providing a personal protection insurance plan that covers COVID-19 infection for all permanent and temporary employees since March 2020

Nardrerdee Arj-harnwongse, Chief People Officer, Total Access Communication PLC, or dtac, said, “Our priority is to ensure uninterrupted customer service and this can only happen when all dtac employees are safe, healthy, emotionally capable of performing their tasks each day. I am proud to say that every of our employee is important to dtac.”