Nice advantages that make you smile from ear to ear when dtac and True merge into Telecom-tech Company

The Telecom-tech Company will be a new company utilizing the synergies from the more than 30 years of telecommunication expertise of dtac and True. This company defines itself as a technology-oriented telecommunication service provider with a mission to satisfy customers with advanced infrastructure, innovation and services towards sustainable growth and cultivation of a solid digital ecosystem.

If we are customers of Telecom-tech Company, by being existing customers of dtac or True, what services or care can we expect to receive under Telecom-tech Company?

Better, faster network with improved coverage in Thailand.

Improved mobile experience with 5G and 4G broadband internet with more efficient services due to merged coverage, and more capacity for the company’s 50 million customers by providing the best access across all provinces in Thailand. With access to True and dtac’s combined infrastructure, customers will get the ultimate mobile experience.


More convenience and more service centers and call centers to provide better access for customers

There are more service centers to provide better customer support with after-sales services. dtac shops and True shops nationwide will provide customers with a seamless service experience and innovations to enhance customer convenience. Customers can expect nationwide service 24 hours every day.


Better customer experience and privileges

Customers will benefit from even greater experiences and privileges from dtac reward and TrueYou. dtac and True customers will be able to redeem points from dtac reward coins and True Points at partner stores that provide food, beverages, shopping, travel, and lifestyle experiences.