As Part of its Zero-Landfill Target, dtac Invites Customers from any Operator to Safely Recycle Their Disused Electronics for a Chance to Win One of 1,197 Exciting Prizes

25 April 2022 – dtac Think Hai D launches its #ThinkHaiDMeeTaeDai campaign, inviting customers from any network operator to get a chance to win prizes when they properly dispose of their disused mobile phones and electronics through our zero-landfill recycling channels. This campaign is a part of dtac’s aim to reduce hazardous municipal waste, of which 65% or 435,187 tons are e-waste, and only 13% is currently recycled properly.

In 2021, total sales of smartphones in Thailand reached 20.9 million units, a 21% rise from the previous year, not including an additional two million tablets and over 3.46 million smart wearables and earphones. The surge in sales for these electronics can be attributed to the boom in online learning and work-from-home during the COVID-19 pandemic. While an important economic development in the short term, the flip side of this surge is the environmental impact. At the end of their lives, these electronics are often discarded along with ordinary trash, leaking hazardous materials which could impact the health of many communities in the long term.

Mr. Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “As a telecom service provider, dtac is committed to alleviating the environmental and climate impact that results from three dimensions of business operations – network energy consumption, general waste and electronic waste management. For e-waste, we have initiated the Think Hai D campaign by collaborating with a diverse number of partners in sectors ranging from property management to IT. For our #ThinkHaidMeeTaeDai campaign, we aim to create awareness among mobile phone users from all network operators by inviting them to dispose of their disused personal electronics properly. dtac has volunteered to receive this e-waste and properly recycle it with a zero-landfill target. For 2022 we aim to collect at least 420,000 units of e-waste from users nationwide.”

Dispose of your old phones and stand a chance to win a brand new one with dtac. Here’s how:

  1. Register at our official LINE Account: @dtacThinkHaiD
  2. Pack the old electronics you want to throw away in a parcel box and ship it to Project Think Hai D, 496 Soi Sathupradit 49, Bang Phongphang subdistrict, Yannawa district, Bangkok 10120. Don’t forget to write your member ID (DTxxxxxx) on the parcel).
  3. Earn points from e-wastes you recycle via the LINE account.
    1. For a mobile phone or tablet, you earn 10 points.
    2. For accessories such as a power bank, Bluetooth speaker, and charger, you earn 5 points.
    3. For an earphone or charging cable, you earn 1 point.

Every 5 points you earn can be redeemed for 1 ticket for the lucky draw. Some 1,197 prizes are up for grabs in the monthly lucky draws, including:

  • 7 Samsung Galaxy A22 5G smartphone, valued at THB 62,160
  • 140 Big C gift vouchers valued at THB 500 each, for a total value of THB 70,000
  • 350 Big C gift vouchers valued at THB 200 each, for a total value of THB 70,000
  • 700 Big C gift vouchers valued at THB 100 each, for a total value of THB 70,000

The campaign runs from 25 April through 30 November 2022. Monthly lucky draws will take place on the 9th of each month, with results posted on the official dtac Facebook page. (If the 9th lands on a holiday, the draw will take place on the next working day.)

For more information, please check out: Happy recycling!