dtac supports Samyan community during COVID-19

June 3, 2020 – dtac launches two initiatives to help ease the economic hardship for the community members – residents and street food vendors around Samyan neighborhood who are suffering from the impact of COVID-19 outbreak.

Sharad Mehrotra, chief executive officer at Total Access Communication Plc or dtac, said: “In the midst of unprecedented time, dtac realizes our role in joining the nation’s efforts to recover and rebuild a resilient society during the post-COVID-19 to cope with the new normal. We’ve brought our expertise and worked around the clock to keep customers, healthcare workers and public servants connected over the past two months of the spread of the deadly virus.

Located in the heart of Samyan community and as a good neighbor to the Samyan neighborhood, dtac constantly makes a social contribution to the community. During this difficult time, dtac is pleased to play a part in easing the economic hardship for those who lives nearby the community through two initiatives.

The first is #savestreetfood series on dtacblog, recommending some of the area’s tastiest restaurants—the perfect way to use dtac reward discounts on delivery apps Get, Foodpanda and Skootar. Read the review here https://dtacblog.co/story-th/hokkee-phochana/

To sustain measure to relieve those street food vendors who suffers from the COVID-19, dtac also published a Bangkok Street Food Guidebook, collecting top 100 street food vendors in Bangkok. The guidebook covers any sorts of street food, ranging from snack, main and dessert.

And the second initiative is a “community pantry” to help tackle food poverty during this tough time. All items are available for anyone to take, as a gesture of support from dtac employees for the many people who have been hard hit by the lockdown measures.

Community pantry is on the ground floor of Chamchuri Square, near SCB Bank. dtac will inspect all items (particularly expiry dates) before placing them in the pantry.