dtac supports prepaid customers with new ecosystem of services

Going well beyond a SIM with basic mobile connectivity, dtac is now offering greater accessibility and assistance in the daily lives of prepaid users

  • dtac prepaid’s “3 Dee” benefits: great signal, great prices and great “jai-d” (kind-hearted) service
  • Introducing 11 Jai-D services exclusively on dtac, from borrowing internet data to discounted pharmacy vouchers.
  • New cross-sector partners expand accessibility with innovative distribution model

17 September 2020 – dtac has launched a new prepaid branding strategy for the new normal: on top of smooth mobile connectivity, dtac has launched services than benefit users in their daily lives. To underscore this 360-degree approach to service, a nationwide campaign will present the three benefits (“3 Dee”) of the “Happy Net SIM” and “Happy Call SIM” packages: great signal, great prices and great “Jai-D” services. These services are specifically tailors for prepaid users, bringing the kind of tangible perks and savings that matter most to them. Moreover, new alliances with Coke, PT fuel stations and Kasikornbank is expanding the distribution and convenience of joining dtac by offering free “Term Suk SIM” nationwide.

dtac Prepaid – Always There to help Thai people in any economic condition

Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “dtac never stops looking for ways to better support our customers in their daily lives—particularly in the current economic climate. The 3 Dee campaign responds with super fast internet, excellent value, and new services that make life a little easier. We see data usage of prepaid +70% per month compared with last year in Thailand and growing five times faster in the provinces than in Bangkok. Usage of the But beyond basic mobile connectivity we also see a greater need for services and offers that can save our customers money in their daily lives.”

dtac Prepaid More in Sync with Thai Lifestyles with New Sales Channels from New Cross-Sector Partners

Under the strategy to upgrade the levels of services for our prepaid SIMs, dtac has signed up with new partners outside of our own business sector, to offer more great benefits to entice new users around the country to try the dtac network experience. Our new partners are PTG Energy PCL the operator PT gas station network; Thainamthip Commercial, distributor of Coca-Cola or Coke; and Kasikornbank. They will be handing out “Termsuk SIM” for free for customers to try out dtac prepaid SIMs.


dtac Prepaid Stands by Thai People for the Long Haul with 3 Great Benefits

“Great Signal – dtac continuously develops its mobile network and now has the fastest download speed in Thailand, as recognized by Opensignal. dtac also targets to expand its 4G-TDD network on 2300 MHz bandwidth to over 20,000 cell sites within 2020 to reiterate our leadership in 4G-TDD service. 4G-TDD is supported by over 76% of dtac users’ smart phones and mobile devices. dtac is also expanding our Massive MIMO services in highly crowded areas nationwide to triple the network’s capacity.

Moreover, dtac is expanding 4G network coverage nationwide on the 700MHz, to be ready for commercial services as soon as NBTC awards the license, hopefully already during Q4 2020.


“Great Prices – dtac offers great rates on internet and voice calls, but also unlimited promotions, personal accident insurance, and even packages specifically tailored for different occupations like motorcycle taxi drivers or university students. We also offer game items for Garena Free Fire and special discounts and privileges at over 30,000 outlets across the nation with dtac reward program.

“Great Services Best of all, we offer Jai-D services exclusive to dtac. Jai-D Hai Yeum allows the “borrowing” of internet data when users cannot yet pay for it. Recently, our users borrowed 47% more internet data due to increasing data usage. We also offer Jai-D Chuay Kah Ya discounts on medicine purchases at pharmacies plus 11 more Jai-D services including Jai-D Hai Oan connectivity transfer and Jai-D Tor Pro promotion extension services to assist dtac prepaid customers in their daily lives.