dtac showcases sustainable 5G connectivity at Digital Thailand Big Bang 2019

  • dtac as Thailand’s first mobile operator operates 5G-ready Virtualized Core Network (VCN)
  • Closed environment 5G-signal testing on 28 GHz spectrum on your mobile devices
  • Introducing dtac@Home as an element of 5G technology.

October 28, 2019 – 5G showcases, digital platforms of EV mobility, smart agriculture, and more social innovations will be exhibited at Digital Thailand Big Bang 2019, the government-hosted expo at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center on 28th-31st October 2019.

Alexandra Reich, Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Communications Plc or dtac, said: “dtac’s strategy is driven by the ambition to humanize digital technology for delighted customer experiences and the empowered society. 5G promises to provide significant benefits to citizens, business, and public sectors. To fully capture the benefits of 5G, collaboration between businesses and public agencies is strongly required to unlock a full potential and promote more inclusive Thailand. In support to 5G connectivity in the future, dtac has been exploring services beyond mobile connectivity such as EV mobility platform, smart agriculture. dtac’s showcases at Digital Thailand Big Bang Expo demonstrates our commitment and readiness to apply the advanced technology to benefit people’s lives in the connected society.”

dtac pavilion at Digital Thailand Bigbang 2019 will showcase under the concept of “Never Stop” station:


  • Hands-on experiences of 5G on 28 GHz spectrum on your mobile phone : showing a full potential of 5G that is expected to shape a new behavior of internet users in Thailand. You will have a chance to experience the real 5G at dtac pavilion.
  • Thailand’s first 5G-ready Virtualized Core Network (VCN) : dtac has deployed 5G-ready VCN to serve customers today and tomorrow. VCN will boost up processing capabilities and lower network latency, enabling mobile operators to create additional innovations faster and more accurate. Much of those 5G use cases will rely on this type of VCN.
  • Telenor’s 5G use cases dtac can leverage : Telenor Group, dtac’s major shareholder, has been appointed as EU’s project coordinator to accelerate the uptake of 5G across Europe for the first commercial service launch in 2020. The 5G use cases are across vertical industries, such as fish farming and Fixed Wireless Access or FWA. Recently, Telenor Group has become the first mobile operator to integrate 5G into its mobile network, allowing anyone with access to 5G mobile phone will soon be able to use the super network of the future in Elverum, Norway. It also continues to expand 5G network in several locations in Norway this year, of which Fornebu, Trondheim, Bodø (selected base stations), Oslo (selected base stations), Askvoll, Svalbard, Kvitfjell, Herøya and Frøya


  • dtac Electronic Vehicle (EV) Mobility Platform : dtac brings you to the future commute with dtac EV mobility platform which will accommodate you to control a vehicle, manage financial, insurance and call for maintenance and emergency services. This is an effort of dtac in gearing Thailand toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable society through digital ecosystem.
  • dtac@Home : dtac’s brand-new mobile broadband technology to provide a more stable and trusted internet connection without landline installation, leading to a better online experience. When 5G is available, this will be able to transform to 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), which provides you a super-fast internet connection at home.


  • SafeInternetForKid.com : With the proliferation of internet use in Thailand, digital literacy is a critical element in digital era, especially for teenagers. Digital literacy and responsible behavior for netizens are a crucial part for them to minimize online risks, such as cyberbullying. That is why dtac set up Safe Internet Program to advocate them on how to use internet properly and responsibly.
  • Net Arsa : Apart from responsible use of internet, Net Arsa was created to bridge digital divide and promote digital society nationwide. The team travel across the nation to teach and promote mobile commerce.
  • Smart Agriculture : dtac is also developing digital technologies for vertical industries, firstly in agriculture. Digital farming solutions under Smart Farmer CSR project has been invented to nurture Thai farmers with technology and data, leading to precision farming. The project will be matured to be a shared-value business model to address the trend of smart agriculture.