dtac Safe X Whoscall Delivers Most Comprehensive Cyber Security Offerings in Thailand

  • dtac Safe X Whoscall offers comprehensive cyber security protection against malicious websites, calls, SMS, and online sales scams for the first time in Thailand
  • Loss mitigation from online sales scams with cyber insurance from dSurance


15 February 2023 – dtac collaborates with the renowned Whoscall caller ID app to offer a new comprehensive cyber security protection upgrade to dtac Safe. With a huge database of 1.6 billion numbers reported from global communities, Whoscall is effective at screening unsolicited and scammer calls, and now dtac customers can use this app for free.  Customers can also upgrade to Whoscall Premium to get 3 security features: 1. Prevention – alert and block fraudulent calls, 2. Protection – protect user personal data from malicious websites with dtac Safe, and 3. Loss Mitigation – get compensated for online sales scams from cyber insurance with dSurance. Sign up now at dtac app or https://www.dtac.co.th/dtac-safe

Rising Call and SMS Scams

Whoscall Application Thailand revealed that in 2021, 6.4 million  call and text scams occurred in Thailand – an increase of 270% from 2020. In addition, Interrisk Asia reported that cyber-attacks rose by 144% from 2018 to 2021, resulting in losses of 72.6 million Baht.

The Thai Police Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) reported the following as the top 5 online scams for 2022: 1. Online sales scams – 28,837 cases, 2. Job scams – 10,008, 3. Loan scams – 8,503, 4. Roman scams – 8,220, and 5. Extortions – 5,096 cases. The CCIB predicts that the number of mobile and online cyber scams will continue to rise despite growing efforts by both government and private sector to raise public awareness of the issue, as the nature of the scams continuously evolves.

dtac Safe X Whoscall caller ID and scam blocking app

Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer at Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “dtac strives to offer the most comprehensive cyber security for our customers. We encourage any subscribers who experience any real or suspected scams to call the dtac Call Center at. 1678 or text the report to the same number. All reports will be investigated and liaised with the police for further action, with number blocking one of the preliminary measures. One hint of a suspected scam call is when the in-calling number starts with “+” indicating an overseas call – if you do not know that number, please treat it as a suspected scam call and be cautious if you decide to answer. In addition, we have developed an upgraded dtac Safe service in collaboration with Gogolook to offer a new package featuring cyber threat prevention, protection, and mitigation. Gogolook is the leader of TrustTech – their Whoscall app identifies, alert, and block scammers for added peace of mind for users – with over 130,000 dtac subscribers already using it as part of their cyber security layer.”


Mr. Manwoo Joo, Chief Operating Officer at Gogolook, said, “There is an increasing need to offer a higher level of protection for mobile phone users from online, call and text scams and frauds. Our collaboration with dtac featuring our Whoscall app contributes to leveling up the dtac Safe service in the continuous fight against phone and text scams. Together we can put up shields for Thai consumers and help to create a safe society for every Thai people.” 

3 Levels of Shielding Against Online Scams

dtac level up dtac Safe service with 3 new shields to protect customers from scammers featuring new dtac Safe, Whoscall app, and dSurance.

  1. Prevention – Whoscall Premium prevents losses by offering caller ID, alerting on suspicious numbers, and blocking known scammer numbers.
  2. Protection – dtac Safe protects users from malicious websites, malware, ransom wares, and phishing scams.
  3. Loss Mitigation –dSurance Cyber Threat Insurance covers monetary losses from online sales scams and frauds of up to 3,000 Baht per occurrence.

On top of the 3 cyber security shields, dtac customers can choose to receive additional protection with optional premium packages by checking out at dtac app or https://www.dtac.co.th/dtac-safe