dtac Reward gives more reasons to stay safe at home

6 May 2021 – dtac Reward is bringing more happiness and convenience to all those wishing to stay-at-home during the COVID-19 outbreak. With special privileges every Friday from online delivery app FoodPanda and Big C Shopping Online’s vast selection of household goods and groceries, the new dtac Reward benefits make it easier—and more fun—to stay safe. It’s most easily available from the dtac app, with over 40,000 outlets nationwide and additional “happy at home” perks like free internet data and free calls to any network 24 hours a day.

dtac Silver, Gold, and Platinum Blue members, can redeem 99 coins to get a 60 Baht discount on FoodPanda orders of 150 Baht or more. Or, for the same coins, they can receive a 100 Baht discount on Big C Shopping Online with orders of 700 Baht or more. This campaign is available from 7 May through 3 June, with redemptions available every Friday. dtac users can also use 99 dtac coins to redeem benefits such as free internet data on Youtube and Line TV for 24 hours or free calls to any to network for 30 minutes in 24 hours.

Ms. Penpa-Nga Suddhimondala, Head of dtac Reward and Partnership, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “The new wave of COVID-19 is accelerating usage of digital channels and resulted in 40% more dtac app users. This year, 71% more users have redeemed dtac Reward privileges via the dtac app, thanks to our highly successful dtac Reward Coins program. The fastest growing number of Reward redemptions are from our prepaid users. Special privilege redemptions are instant and match what the user wants from free internet and Line stickers to lucky draw games for over 40 huge prizes each month.”

The top 3 redemptions for dtac users are 1. Free internet at 38% of users, 2. Lucky game with monthly iPhone 12 prizes at 33%, 3. Food deliveries 15% and 4. Line stickers at 14%.

Currently, dtac Reward has 19.1 million postpaid and prepaid users. The special privileges are dependent on the subscription period and average usage. There are 6.7 Welcome Members, 10 million Silver Members, 2.4 million Gold Members and 600,000 Platinum Blue Members.

For more information and updates on special privileges please check out the dtac app, visit https://dtacreward.dtac.co.th, or Line Official dtac