dtac reward coins: in-app freebies for the next normal

17 November 2020 – The newly launched dtac reward coins bring exclusive privileges to dtac app users—both prepaid and postpaid. The coins can be redeemed for free perks such as internet data, food, drinks or even discounts on mobile devices.

With social distancing guidelines still in place, dtac has seen a steep increase in dtac app usage, as it delivers seamless, touch-free, digital experiences to its users. The new coins will therefore encourage customers to continue benefiting from dtac reward in ways that are safe, fun and convenient. Plus, to celebrate the launch of dtac reward coins, bonus prizes can be enjoyed from today until 27 November 2020.

What are dtac reward coins?

dtac reward coins are on top of the special privileges dtac reward users already earn according to their user status and time with the network. The coins can be redeemed for gifts such as free calls or internet data, as well as lifestyle privileges, freebies and discounts.

dtac prepaid and postpaid users are eligible to earn coins when making select transactions on dtac app and from playing several games within the app. Users can check for their coins details in the dtac app, under the dtac reward tab. Only individual users are eligible.

Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication PCL or dtac, said, “This year, social distancing has greatly increased our customers’ need for seamless, touch-free digital journeys. In Q3, usage of the dtac app was 30 percent higher year-on-year. dtac reward coins will further enrich the dtac experience, ensuring our customers get even more benefits in a very entertaining and user-friendly digital platform.”

Up for grab are million coins, valued at over 25 million Baht every month. Currently, over 55 percent of dtac postpaid users have the dtac app installed on their devices. Moreover, 80 percent of all dtac reward redemptions are made via the app.

How to Earn Coins

To earn coins, simply log into the dtac app for the first time, check-in at least once a month, buy on-top packages or pay for a postpaid bill (either yours or some else’s). dtac reward coins are accrued at the rate of 1 coin for every 1 Baht payment.

Winning games, such as the Tam Jai Park campaign every Friday, can also earn more coins. And prepaid users can earn coins by using Jaidee Balance Transfer, Jaidee Day Giveaway, Jaidee Auto Borrow, Jaidee Borrow Net and game top-ups.

How to Redeem Coins

The coins earned can be redeemed for call charges, internet data, or food and drinks at participating partner vendors. The coins can also be exchanged for discount coupons, LINE app stickers (either for one’s self or as gift), and discounts on the Food Panda delivery app. Throughout 2021, the coins can even be exchanged for discounts on mobile devices on the dtac Online Store, in-game items or insurance.


Special Bonuses to Celebrate the Launch of dtac reward coins

  1. Get 9 bonus coins when you activate the dtac app for the first time, starting today through 27 November 2020.
  2. Join the 9 Day 9 Brands 9 Coins campaign to earn coins and redeem special prizes from 19-27 November 2020. Special prizes include 24-hour unlimited 4 mbps internet, free Boba milk tea at After You, free French Fries at Potato Corner or a McDonald’s burger for only 8 Baht. More than 300,000 special dtac reward coins are available during the 9-day campaign.

For more information, please visit https://dtacreward.dtac.co.th/