dtac reiterates compliance with NBTC Mobile Number Portability (MNP) regulations

On 14 December, dtac participated in a meeting with NBTC to clarify regarding customer’s port-out requests.

In the meeting, dtac reiterated its stance to facilitate if customers demand to port out according to NBTC’s policy that allows customers to port out and verify their rights before porting by pressing *151*ID number 13 digits# then make a call.

Customers can verify their port-out conditions as follow:

No outstanding balance.Name and information of the porting number match with the registered information.Not under purchasing device contract.

Q: Is it true that dtac delays in sending pin for customers who demand to port out by pressing USSD *151*ID number 13 digits# then make a call?

The answer is “NO” if customers are not under any port-out conditions, they will receive the pin within 10 minutes as per NBTC’s measures. However, in case customers face this issue, they can contact dtac to investigate further.

Q: dtac delays customers to port out claiming that prepaid customers still have credits remaining?

Answer: Not true, dtac doesn’t use this claim to maintain customers. dtac wishes to preserve customers’ benefits, in case there are still credits left in the prepaid system. Thereby, if customers acknowledge, and still want to pursue the port out, dtac will accommodate the request.