How dtac Redefined Media Communication Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

  • The company has won 7 Media Awards from the Media Agency Association of Thailand in 2022


4 July 2022 – The COVID-19 pandemic created many new challenges for brands, prompting changes to the way companies communicate with consumers. These challenges stemmed from three significant developments:

  1. Consumers adopted digital behaviors at an unprecedented rate
  2. There was a significant rise in online purchasing and service requirements
  3. Healthcare and COVID-19 infection prevention became a top concern

With these in mind, dtac adapted our communications strategy and began experimenting with novel, creative ways to reach consumers with the hope of also delighting them during difficult times. The efforts were recognized with 7 awards from the Media Agency Association of Thailand this year. More than award-winning, these campaigns have achieved dtac’s aim of creating widespread awareness and consumer reach in all regions of Thailand.

dtac’s game-changing marketing communication strategies included the following approaches:

1. Using dtac app to introduce new offerings and services to consumer

  • The dtac app became the key digital communication and engagement channel during COVID-19 lockdowns. The dtac app offers direct interactions between consumers and dtac which allows consumers to have a hyper personalized experience, with the opportunity to discover and try out new services. As a result of dtac’s further development and promotion of the dtac app, monthly active digital users have grown 2x from pre-pandemic days, reaching over 7 million monthly active digital users, and are able to take advantage of dtac Reward’s special privileges, explore new beyond connectivity service, buy top-ups and add-ons, as well as check their balances.


  • dtac also responded to the COVID-19 crisis by supporting vaccination pre-registration, an effort that resulted in more than 200,000 sign-ups. dtac also offered free COVID-19 insurance to buyers of special promotion packages, gaining 5 million takers. In addition, dtac offered discounts on drug purchases, a move that generated 50,000 sign-ups. We received 2 awards for these initiatives: the Gold Award for Best Response to COVID-19 and the Bronze Award for Best Use of Media.

2. Integrated Media Communication and Multi-Platform Campaigns

  • dtac worked towards optimizing media channels to reach target users. As a key example, the dtac Lucky Number campaign optimized integrated media communications and multiple platforms to win over astrology lovers. The campaign helped dtac lead the market in lucky number sign-ups based on our understanding of the needs of consumers interested in making merit to help improve fortune. Our lucky number campaign gained 487% more users, with sales exceeding dtac’s target by 161%.

  • dtac maximized the campaign’s full potential with 360-degree media communication planning, including word of mouth. When our lucky numbers proved popular, customers recommended the service to others which resulted in even more sign-ups. Continuous campaign activities, featuring renowned astrologers Archarn Chang and Tossaporn Sritula on Instagram, Facebook Live, and LINE, also proved successful. For these efforts, dtac received 2 awards: the Gold Award for Integrated Media Communication / Multi Platforms and the Bronze Award for Best Media Strategy.

3. Innovative Branded Content that Brings Value Add to Users

  • By featuring products and services from small entrepreneurs upcountry, dtac helped small businesses survive the pandemic by supporting their efforts to expand their consumer base beyond their home markets. Across all regions, we sought local influencers who are small business owners to promote local goods and services. The campaign produced over 300 highly relevant and localized communications with 90% reach, accounting for 50.1 million viewers and over 25 million engagements. The dtac “Good For All” campaign won the Silver Award for Best Use of Branded Content.


 4. Media Innovation Optimization

  • dtac Reward deployed the innovative “Blink Ad”, an interactive banner ad that reaches users in the blink of an eye. This exciting new format was able to reach 2.8 million users in just 8 days with 14% user interaction. The outcome was 200% more prize redemption among users who had never redeemed a dtac Reward before. The Blink Ad innovation won the Bronze Award for Media Innovation.


  • dtac and Tik Tok produced an online Songkran water-splashing animation featuring the Nong Tua D as a fun way to celebrate the Songkran holidays. The novel video on Tik Tok helped bring some cheer during the stress of the COVID-19 lockdown. In 5 days, the campaign had over 10 million viewers with more than 1.2 million engaged in virtual water-splashing. This dtac Tik Tok campaign won the Bronze Award for Best Use of Branded Content.


Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer at Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, summarized, “With the rapid changes in consumer behaviour, dtac and our partners are constantly ‘unlearning’ and ‘relearning’ how consumers interact and engage with our brand, and then use that knowledge to create a good customer journey and social impact in the industry. dtac wishes to thank our advertising and media agency partners who shared our vision of identifying new paths to reach customers at the right time with the right message.

These awards energize the dtac team and our partners to create more delightful and meaningful projects with consistently high standards. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers and empowering them to lives the life they truly want.”