dtac pushes for safer, touchless digital transactions with special rewards

Free data, calls and credit for customers registering for electronic “know your customer,” or e-KYC, from 15 October 2020 onwards

15 October 2020 – Total Access Communication PCL or dtac is launching special rewards to encourage all customers using Direct Operator Billing (DOB) or Pay Via dtac to verify their identities online. e-KYC makes the online purchase of apps, game items, Line stickers and any other services much easier and safer. The registration process is also fully digital and automated, in support of touch-free operations and social distancing.

dtac customers who successfully register for e-KYC will receive a 20 baht credit towards their next purchase. Prepaid customers will receive a further 100 Baht for calls within the dtac network, while postpaid customers will get an extra 2GB of internet over 30 days, plus many other privileges. dtac will notify all customers via SMS to register for e-KYC starting 15 October 2020 onwards, or upon making a transaction, with a link to www.dtac.co.th/s/kycen.

e-KYC Registration Procedure and Required Documents

In compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act, e-KYC is required by the Bank of Thailand for all electronic wallets. Registering for e-KYC is simple. The SMS notification from dtac contains a link to a webform, where customers can key in their mobile phone number and identity details. Customers must also upload an image of their identification card and a picture of themselves. The form is available in four languages: Thai, English, Burmese and Cambodian.

Valid identification documents include Thai government identification cards, passports for foreigners or work permits for migrant workers.

Simple and safe transaction for users with e-KYC

e-KYC registration makes financial transactions easier and more secure by using advanced identity verification technology, such as facial recognition. Touch-free digital transactions can be made instantly and remotely, without the risk for human error. The identification process also helps protect customers from electronic crime, such as identity theft or online fraud.


*DOB (Direct Operator Billing) is a service for both dtac postpaid and prepaid customers to easily purchase apps, game items, Line stickers and many other services using only their dtac number.