dtac processed close to 500k OTP SMS in first 9 minutes of Government’s 50:50 program

On the request by the industry regulator, NBTC, dtac today shared further information regarding the company’s preparations and execution of operations in connection with the Government’s recent 50:50 program.

“dtac’s IT-systems were 100 percent ready for customers and performed very well on 20 January. The average response time was fast and delivery accuracy was according to our high standards”, said Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of dtac.

Among other things, the data shared in the meeting with NBTC mentioned that dtac’s systems processed close to 500k OTP SMS related to the 50:50 program, before it was closed by the Government at 06.09 am. The final number of eligible seekers will be confirmed later. In total, 1.34mn applicants will be granted the subsidy.

Commenting on the company’s preparations ahead of the event, CEO of dtac said:

“In line with request from NBTC and in order to meet the expectations of our customers, dtac had taken several measures to ready its IT-systems and network for the 50:50 program, including complete end-to-end technical readiness testing with key technology partners to simulate the full scope of the registration as closely to the real process as possible.”, said Mr. Mehrotra.