dtac Offers Free SIMs to Returning Thais

April 30, 2020 – Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac is supporting Thais returning to Thailand by offering free dtac SIMs with unlimited data for 14 days, allowing them to contact their families and loved ones during their two-week quarantine.

The state quarantine is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Public Health in consultation with staff from the Department of Disease Control who provide information on disease prevention and control. Returnees are monitored 24/7 by public health staff. On the 5th to 7th days of quarantine, they will be tested for COVID-19. If anyone is positive or meets the PUI criteria, they will be referred to a hospital determined by the MoPH for further diagnosis and treatment.

On-Uma Rerkpattanapip, Head of Communication and Sustainability Division (middle) and Sukannee Lertsukwibul, Head of Prepaid Market & Product Division (right) at Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac provided internet SIMs to returning Thais entering the 14-day state quarantine through a representative from the Ministry of Defense, General Raksak Rojphimphan, Director-General of the Office of Policy and Planning (left), who is responsible for theimplementation of the state quarantine.