dtac Offers Assistance to Rescue Personnel and Residents Affected by the Factory Explosion and Fire in Soi Kingkaew

July 6, 2021 – dtac wishes to extend our concern and support to rescue personnel and everyone affected by the recent factory explosion and fire in Soi Kingkaew, Bang Phli Yai subdistrict, Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan province. dtac is monitoring the situation continuously and offer assistance to our customers affected by the incident as follows:

dtac Prepaid Customers – dtac prepaid customers residing in the 5 km radius evacuation zone will receive 1 GB of free data with an extended period to 7 days from 6-12 July 2021.

dtac Postpaid Customers – dtac postpaid customers residing in the 5 km radius evacuation zone shall receive a due date extension by 7 days, 1 GB of free data for a period of 7 days from 6-12 July 2021.

dtac has sent out SMS to customers in the affected area of the above offers in support of alleviating impact from the incident and to ensure uninterrupted mobile phone service to monitor the situation and for communications.

dtac is also donating 6,600 bottles of drinking water for affected residents and rescue personnel working to contain the situation via Ruamkatanyu Foundation headquarters in Bang Phli district, Triam Parinya Nuson School located near ground zero and Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO) of Bang Phli Yai.

Apart from care for customers, dtac is also concerned for the welfare of dtac employees residing within a 7 km radius of the incident in Soi Kingkaew and is offering 3 nights of hotel accommodation for evacuation.

dtac wishes everyone safe and offers our support to get through this together.