dtac Net For Living lists the best products from new online retailers

The ‘Shop Riak Yim’ (Shop For Smile) campaign supports small handicraft and agricultural producers who recently opened online shops thanks to dtac Net For Living’s training

4 June 2021 – dtac Net For Living invites everyone to ‘Shop Riak Yim’ or Shop4Smile in support of first-time online retailers who is being upskilled by dtac Net for Living since March 2021. Under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, these small merchants are going online to develop new revenue streams. With support from dtac Net For Living program, they are now selling some of the best handmade delicacies and crafts from all four corners of Thailand. Here are our top picks for June.

Khai Khem Kati Kru Kung” (Teacher Kung’s Salted Eggs with Coconut Cream): Home-made, first-press coconut milk is the key ingredient in making the unique salt mix used here to cure fresh duck eggs. The cure mix completely covers the whole duck eggs before being covered with black rice husk ash to keep out moisture. The eggs are then cured in the dark before being ready for consumption. The finished product has a unique aroma of coconut cream and the egg white is pure white, firm, and fine in texture. This delicacy is created by Lieutenant Wanchai Iamgai who quit his full-time job back in 2018 to focus on developing the coconut cream salted eggs and turned into an online retail pro at the age of 50. To try his yummy salted eggs, visit this Shop4Smile pick at https://www.facebook.com/krukungsaltedeggs/

Chewey Baked Organic Banana – This natural and healthy snack with no preservatives dubbed “Phorn Jak Mae Banana” (Banana Blessed by Mother) is made by Nittaya Kaewkhon, a former office worker who transformed herself into an organic farmer in Uttaradit province. Prior to joining dtac Net for Living, she was retailing preserved foods the traditional way – in fresh markets. Things changed when she joined the dtac Net for Living and was introduced to the world of online retailing. After a steep learning curve, she launched the page “Phorn Jak Mae Banana,” which now has customers from all over the country.

To try the Phorn Jak Mae Banana, or her newly launched dried Mahachanok Mangoes, visit this #Shop4Smile favorite at  https://www.facebook.com/PhornJakMaeBanana/

Oyster Chili Paste by Sonthiwat Housewives Group. The freshest oysters of Surat Thani are the key ingredient for this range of delicious chili pastes whose recipes have been passed on by locals from generation to generation. Theses creations are the handiwork of senior citizens. But being elderly hasn’t stopped these folks from passing the GMP standard for producing quality food products free from MSG and preservatives. And every jar of oyster chili paste you buy contributes to the sustainable resilience of the community.

The Sonthiwat Housewives Group is ready to let you get a taste of their delicious spicy oyster chili paste thanks to #ShopWithASmile at https://www.facebook.com/oysterchilipaste

Gula Rice 100% Organic Brown Rice – These farmers are committed to growing rice traditionally and organically to conserve the balance of nature since 1989. Continuing this practice, the locals of Selaphum district, Roi Et province, have set up a community enterprise dedicated to organic rice production and processing.

You too can enjoy this brown rice heritage, now with romantic new flavors: brown rice for faithful lovers, forget-your-mistress brown rice, and brown rice for the two of us. Try them at this #Shop4Smile page at https://www.facebook.com/GulaRice

Lahu Tote Bags – These handmade fabric tote bags are traditionally crafted by the Red Lahu ethnic community. From weaving, stitching, and cutting – all the steps are executed in traditional ways to create a uniquely dazzling colorful art you can wear on your shoulders. The designs of this present collection are led by Benchalak Jahae, a Lahu community leader.

Moreover, COVID-19 has impacted the sales of Lahu tote bags, so let’s #ShopWithASmile and support the Nong Kheow community at https://www.facebook.com/LAHU.handmade14/

Pa Mali Handmade Buriram Cotton and Silk Fabric: Aunty Mali Sridee handcrafts these fine cotton and silk scarfs, shawls, and fabrics. At the age of 55, Aunty Mali learned the ropes of online retailing with dtac Net for Living. The online retail world inspired her to diversify her product range based on existing fabrics handmade in the villages of Nang Rong district in Buriram province.

Help Aunty Mali’s with #Shop4Smile at https://www.facebook.com/mali.sridee

Mae Jaroon Crispy Baked Lotus Seeds: Sunantha Swasdikul from Phichit province makes aromatic, delicious, crispy, and healthy baked lotus seeds. The originator of this delicious creation is Sunantha’s mother, Jaroon Swasdikul, who noticed so many lotus seeds are discarded when making religious offerings. Ms. Jaroon experimented at length to finally develop her addictive recipe. It is now a One Tambon One Product (OTOP) product under the brand name of Mae Jaroon Crispy Baked Lotus Seeds which has been on the market for over 30 years and is now under the helm of daughter Sunantha.

Try Mae Jaroon Crispy Baked Lotus Seeds via #Shop4Smile at https://www.facebook.com/Maejaroonlotusseed

Satiah Stewed Mackerel: Nongluck Onkreng turned online pro at the age of 62. She is an expert in preserved foods in the Nong Preu sub-district, Bang Lamung district of Cholburi province. Her Pla Tu Tom Kem, also known as Pla Tu Satiah or Stewed Mackerel is famous for combining three flavors (saltiness lead, followed by sweetness and sourness) that harmoniously blend. The secret lies in using local ingredients: sweetness from coconut sugar pastes and sugar cane sugar paste, saltiness from sea salt, and acidity from pineapple and squeezed tamarind. The fresh mackerels are stewed with these ingredients and several spices simmering in a pot over low heat until the fish bones become so soft you can eat the whole fish. However, Satiah Stewed Mackerel is now a rarity and deserves our full support.

Keep the dish alive with #Shop4Smile at https://www.facebook.com/Platutomkem

JP Plant-based nutrition: From banana almond wheat germ drinks and 100 percent arabica cold brew to cranberry brownies, all the products here are created from plants. They are milk-free, cholesterol-free and preservative-free. Praosiri Jaruslaiphong, the founder of JP Plant-based nutrition also says her products are handmade and the quality is backed by her formal training in nutrition.

Those seeking healthy nutrition can try this #Shop4Smile production at https://www.facebook.com/JPplantbasednutrition

Handmade Braided Rope Bag. Kunsa Chaikularb is an entrepreneur from the North who trained in online retailing with the dtac Net for Living program. Each of her bags is unique as they are handmade and hand-braided by the creator herself. The bag is durable and does not lose its shape, even after wash. If you would like to own a one-of-a-kind bag, then #Shop4Smile at https://www.facebook.com/Kunsa.Chaikularb/

Am-Ann Kanom Baan Pee Saow Durian paste-filled Pastries: Even the pastry dough itself is mixed with Mon Thong durian and shaped like the actual Mon Thong durian segments. The irresistibly fragrant and creamy durian paste filling is made of quality Mon Thong durian from Chanthaburi province and features a salted egg yolk in the traditional Chinese pastry style. Durian lovers must try this! Durian-deniers can still enjoy the non-durian alternative pastries with fresh milk and red bean paste filling or pandan-flavored bean paste instead. Get your durian pastry fix via #Shop4Smile at https://www.facebook.com/AmAnnKanomBaanPeeSaow/

Tai Pla Khua Gling Smun Phrai or Stir-fried Fish Kidney with Yellow Curry and Herbs: a popular spicy hot dish that is strong in taste, strong in aroma, and perfect with a dish of warm steamed rice. This signature dish from Nakhon Si Thammarat province is authentically spicy and delicious real southern food should be, and also Halal-certified. Kani, the creator of a variety of authentic southern dishes featuring Tai Pla or preserved fish kidney, is one of the new food entrepreneurs to join the dtac Net for Living program and is now retailing online. Fans of truly spicy food must try Tai Pla Khua Gling Smun Phrai by Kani #Shop4Smile at https://www.facebook.com/KeanTaiPlaByKani

“Veggie Monster” Healthy Vegetable and Fruit Juices by Wariya Katpiboon, a Chiang Mai entrepreneur who trained to do online retailing with the dtac Net for Living program. Wariya said, “All the vegetables and fruits in my shop are sourced from local farmers, and all of my creations are quality controlled.” Try her veggie goodness via #Shop4Smile at www.facebook.com/veggiemonstercnx

Cheychar Karent Handcrafted Fabric by Sawika Jameu.The highlight of Karen handcrafted fabric is that every piece is made according to a heritage being passed on from generation to generation. Every single piece of cloth is weaved with passion,” said Sawika. She is one of the new entrepreneurs who received training for online retailing with the dtac Net for Living program. Help her continue the Karen heritage via #Shop4Smile at Cheychar Karent Handcrafted Fabric 

Melons from Baan Nee Mee Rak Farm Suk Samran (This House is Full of Love and the Orchard is Full of Happiness). These sweet, firm, delicious melons are grown with love in an area with brackish water in Chachoengsao province. The salinity of the soil happens to be the key to the perfectly sweet and fragrant melon for Baan Nee Mee Rak Farm Suk Samran by Thewarak Nimcharoen. Since running an online store, Baan Nee Mee Rak Farm Suk Samran can continuously sell all the produce directly online without the hassle of going to the market or via merchants like in the past. Try the sweet, fragrant melons from Baan Nee Mee Rak Farm Suk Samran #Shop4Smile at https://www.facebook.com/winwiny1129/

dtac Net for Living supports all the retailers out there who are using digital channels to rise up and fight again in the current economic climate. With #Shop4Smile, we can all put a smile on the faces of the small entrepreneurs out there. Go to https://www.facebook.com/dtac and look out for

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