dtac’s New Mobile ID Allows Customers to Use Their Mobile Numbers for ID Verification When Making Digital Transactions

  • dtac customers who sign up today get 7-day free max-speed social media usage on Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Messenger, and Twitter
  • dtac Mobile ID users no longer need to use an ID card when registering a new SIM, conducting banking transactions, or receiving government and private-sector services such as electronic driving licenses


16 June 2022 – dtac invites customers to register for its Mobile ID service for identity verification. Identity verification is currently required for a multitude of electronic transactions, such as for obtaining a DLT QR License (digital driving license), tax e-Filing, sending or receiving parcels with Thailand Post, opening a stock account with the Securities Authority of Thailand, opening a savings account at Bangkok Bank, and registering for an online account with the Social Security Office. Electronic ID availability and requirements vary among service providers.

In addition to the many conveniences Mobile ID offers, dtac customers registering for the service can also enjoy free maximum-speed social media usage for 7 days on Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Messenger, and Twitter.

Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer of dtac, elaborates, “dtac has developed our Mobile ID service platform to replace ID cards with mobile phone numbers. This complies with the requirements and standards of the Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA), so users can be confident of security, personal data protection, and convenience. Mobile ID leverages user registration data, required for each SIM card in each mobile device, to function as an important form of digital identity in Thailand. This offering will encourage digital economy adoption, reduce barriers, and promote access to digital opportunities and services for all Thai people.”

He continues, “In an increasingly expansive digital ecosystem, dtac believes Mobile ID has enormous potential when it comes to business opportunities, services, and innovation. The first and immediate benefit dtac customers can experience with Mobile ID is to no longer need their ID card when registering a new dtac SIM card and in connection withfor many other transactions.”

Mobile ID helps prevent customers from being victims of fraud, such as illegal transactions, scamming, and phishing. Furthermore, Mobile ID enhances customer security in any transaction which requires identity verification, especially online transactions which are rapidly becoming commonplace.

dtac introduced Mobile ID service in collaboration with the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) on 3 December 2021. To date, tens of thousands of dtac customers have been registering for Mobile ID each month. dtac encourages currently unregistered customers to sign up and take advantage of all the conveniences the service offers.

dtac customers interested in registering for our Mobile ID can visit their nearest dtac service center with their ID card for authentication and allow dtac to take a face photograph for identity verification. The process takes only a short while, and once it’s complete, you can use Mobile ID via the dtac app to conduct transactions with many government agencies and companies.